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CloneDVD is an easy to use software utility that allows users to copy and burn a movie, including all its special features and menus, onto your hard drive or a DVD. What the latest version of this application has brought into the picture is an innovative and improved transcoder, the main feature responsible for the superior picture quality and less lagging on the display. Two further features that home cinema enthusiasts will appreciate about the CloneDVD is the preview options, which enables users to view the movie during writing and transcoding processes, and the visual control options.

Lastly, this software utility allows you to modify the original media file by splitting it into two or more separate DVDs. In fact, the smart technology incorporated, allows it to detect the optimum target sizes according to the language and audio compressing selections you choose.


Even though the installation process is not complicated and is straightforward, you will still need to ensure your machine meets the minimum system requirements before installing it. Whilst the minimum requirements for the software to work include a personal computer with 500 MHz Pentium compatible processor and 128 MB of RAM, for optimal functionality, your machine must have a processor of 1000 MHz or better and at least 256 MB of RAM.

If you are using a Windows operating system, then you will need to be logged in as the Administrator, otherwise the installation will not start. Even though it works well with a DVD reader, for better results it is preferable that you have a DVD writer. Lastly, make sure that you keep a minimum of 5 GB of free space on the same partition that you install the DVD so that the program has enough space to store temporary data files.


The interface of the CloneDVD software includes a rolling film display at the lower and upper part and allows the option of inserting custom animated pictures. Quite a big development from its older versions that included the custom wizard style interface most people are accustomed to. The main interface is clean and includes three main commands: Write Existent Data, Copy DVD titles and Clone DVD. The copy titles option allows you to apply modifications on removing or adding new menus to your DVD backup. The Write Existent File options permit the user to transform a bunch of lfo or VBO files into ISO or UDF format and works very well with the other products from SLySoft, such as the DVDDecrypter.

The most complex command is Clone DVD, as once you click on it you will have access to five other submenus where you can apply all your audio and language settings. However, you have nothing to worry about if you are not an expert at cloning DVDs, as the program includes tutorials where you can see the step-by-step details on how to copy a movie to a DVD or your hard drive.


The biggest plus of the CloneDVD software is its versatility when it comes to copying the menus, titles and special features of the original movie. More exactly, you can copy the movie with all its original features into 2 DVDs and you can also do the opposite: transforming a 2 DVD movie into one. Another big plus, as reported by users, is that it does not require an ASPI driver and it works with most DVD player hardware or software.


The problem with the CloneDVD application is that you need to have a CSS decryptor installed on the computer to see its entire range of abilities. In addition, considering that you need extra applications and it is not a DVD ripper, some people that tried it out consider the price to be a bit too high for what it does. Nonetheless, it is important to note that the software delivers exactly what the manufacturers claim.


The two most popular alternative applications to CloneDVD are ImgBurn and HandBrake. However, even though these applications have Blu-ray compatibilities, the ImgBurn does not support multisession, while HandBrake requires the VLC media player in order to unlock its ripping options.


Even though it could benefit from some minor improvements, overall CloneDVD is able to deliver a quality picture. If you are worried about the price, you should know that the manufacturer provides a thirty days trial period in which you can test it out.

Requirements: 500MHz, 16 MB

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