PHP eFax 1.6

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Published by Made to Order Software Corporation on 11 Jul 2017

"Class to quickly fax documents with eFax."

PHP eFax is a PHP class that wraps the eFax Developer API. Use PHP eFax to automate the task of sending and receiving faxes electronically from your PHP-powered web server. All you need is an account with eFax Developer and you are set to go. Processing is usually instantaneous. PHP eFax also allows you to analyze the response you get from the eFax system. Since eFax Developer tells you whether faxes were successfully sent and received, PHP eFax helps you automate this task. It includes all of the over 200 error messages that eFax Developer can generate and with just 4 or 5 lines of PHP code, you will get all the information you need about the fax disposition.

Requirements: PHP 4, PHP 5, eFax Developer Account

What's new in this version: Includes a new call, http_request, to replace the PEAR HttpRequest library which is not available as is anymore.

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