Teamspeak Server 32/64-bit 3.13.7

Teamspeak Server 32/64-bit 3.13.7

Reviewed by Chad Faith

"Speak with people on the world wide web."


Teamspeak has been one of the most popular methods to keep communication flowing between the members of gaming teams practically since online gaming replaced the single player games as the number one preference. The Teamspeak 3.0.3 Server version has brought some major improvements and fixed a few of the important bugs, so it is safe to say that the final release will provide the ideally optimized means of online communications.

Considering that this freeware application allows small gaming clans or up to one hundred thousand users to stay connected using only the internet connection and the microphone headset, it is easy to figure out why it has stayed ahead of several other similar software programs.


In its current form, Teamspeak has been designed to operate under all Windows versions. There is no installation of the server program per se, but rather the user will be required to download the archive, which requires 4.1MB of space (packed) and 8.2MB of space (unpacked). One of the major advantages brought to play by the Teamspeak application comes from its ability to function cross-platform, which permits communication without having to modify the code. It is necessary to point out that its capabilities have made it an invaluable tool, not only for the gaming environment, but also in sectors that include education, social networking and even military simulations. For Mac & Linux versions head over to the author's download page. Users will need the Client version to connect to the Server.


The interface of the Teamspeak 3 Server is quite clear and the menus enable users to control the entirety of functions associated with the program with the utmost ease. For instance, via the local address book, the person operating the program is allowed to rapidly establish the connection with his preferred server(s). At the same time, the integrated web administrative interface enables the user full access and permissions over his server using the browser. If you also take into account that a singular instance of a server has the ability to run several virtual ones, then the administrative tasks become incredibly easy.


One of the major achievements of this program comes from the optimization of the bandwidth usage obtained through the utilization of various codecs (e.g. CELP 5.1KB, GSM 16.1KB or the Speex 25.9KB). In other words, it has been designed to confer the ideal voice clarity with the minimal bandwidth load. Furthermore, Teamspeak servers have a unique level of flexibility when it comes to adjusting the various access and permissions and the versatility does not stop there. Virtually all event notifications can be configured independently, the normalization of the sound is performed automatically, the database can be customized with ease, and so on.


So far, there have been few negative reports about Teamspeak and the only one noteworthy is related to viewing the skip channelgroup function permission.


Ventrilo and Mumble are two of the alternatives to Teamspeak worth mentioning.


The Teamspeak 3 Server presents an impressive array of features that can simplify and enhance online communications for gaming teams, conferences, and basically any group that wants to connect with all members simultaneously. With an excellent level of adjustability and optimal control over the functions of the server, this program is definitely a good choice.

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