Facebook Messenger for iPhone 6.1

Facebook Messenger for iPhone 6.1

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The Facebook social network represents one of the easiest ways to maintain contact with your friends, family members, favorite celebrities or stores. The popularity as well as the number of members of this social network are the two most important factors that deem Facebook the perfect bonding agent between people nowadays.

However, while it is easy to log on to the Facebook.com website and chat with your contacts online, the same cannot be said when utilizing the Safari app on your iPhone or iPad. In fact, educational facilities and business environments restrict the users' access to this social network because it allegedly decreases work productivity.

Thankfully, Facebook Messenger for iPhone could constitute a great solution for you.


Installing the Facebook Messenger app on your iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch is fast and easy, because it only implies downloading it. Furthermore, it is a freeware application with a light size (approximately 6 Megabytes) that requires iOS 4.0 or newer.


The design of the Facebook Messenger app is similar to the desktop version. The theme is based on the blue and grey hues proprietary to the website and switching between the contacts and the conversation is a seamless process. Furthermore, this iPhone application permits you to receive notifications and status updates from your contacts as well as conduct group conversation, pinpoint your location on the map and find out where your friends are.


First of all, this iOS app is an excellent way to speed up texting and get in touch with your friend using only a wireless/data plan. Free of charge and constantly receiving updates, the iOS variant of Facebook Messenger does not require connecting to the Facebook domain, which means that you can bypass the bans and firewalls without breaking a sweat. In addition to that, the mobile notifications ensure that whenever one of your contacts attempts to send you a message, you will receive it regardless of your location. And, if they have it installed on their iPhones as well, the same applies for them. Overall, Facebook Messenger is a blessing for all the fans of the most used social network in the world.


So far, the Facebook Messenger does not allow you to share links, but in its defense, neither does the desktop version of the program. Therefore, you will still have to log onto the Safari Browser in order to perform this action. Nevertheless, let's not forget that the app was designed as a messenger emulator and nothing more.


While Facebook Messenger for iPhone is the only app that simulates the desktop version of this social network, you can also stay in touch with your friends via Pidgin, Yahoo Messenger for iOS or Google Talk.


The title of this iOS app makes its role self explanatory: an incredibly useful communication tool that permits users to connect with their contacts even in environments where the Facebook domain is restricted. Perfectly simulating the desktop chat software and including features like notifications or group messaging, Facebook Messenger for iPhone is a mandatory freeware app for all iOS 4.0+ users.

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