Chit Chat for Facebook 1.52

Chit Chat for Facebook 1.52

Reviewed by Gary Oldwood

"Desktop Instant Messenger for Facebook Chat"


How would you like it if you could chat with your friends on Facebook without even being on Facebook? And no, I’m not talking about Facebook’s desktop application. I’m talking about Chit Chat for Facebook, a small program with nice features, which you can use to chat directly with your Facebook friends without visiting the website. It saves chat logs for future reference, notifies you when friends come online, and has hotkey shortcuts for many uses (e.g. to minimize instantly the program).


Just run the installer and follow the steps, it’s easy as that. In a few moments you will have your chat messenger installed and ready to use. Note that in the first step, there is a checkbox at the bottom asking you if you want to install an add-on called Plura Processing. Simply put, this service basically reserves the CPU power that you don’t use, and gives it to other computers in the rest of the world. You can and enable this service anytime from within the program.

In the next step, you are asked if you want to install Babylon toolbar for your browser, and also if you want to set Babylon search as your homepage and search provider. And lastly, in the next step you are asked if you accept to include RelevantKnowledge software in the installation. Surprisingly enough though, even if you click “Deny” this adware will still be installed. This one basically monitors computer usage and sends information back to the developers for improvement on the online marketing area. The installation will start afterwards.

The supported operating systems are Windows XP, Vista and 7.


The interface seems a little glitchy, but it’s nice. In the main window you enter your login details and click “Sign in” to login. First time that you do this a window will popup, asking you if you want to “Like” the program in Facebook and share status updates. You will also be asked if you want to add UnitedParents Child Protection service.

Once you login, in the main screen you will see your friends. The online friends are separated from the offline ones. You can use the text box at the top to change your status, or turn on/off music status alerts.

The chat window is simple. It shows the sent and received messages in the center, with a few formatting options above the message editing area.


Chat logs are saved in your computer and you can easily view them whenever you want to. Of course they can be deleted as well, if you wish.

Audio notifications are provided so that you know whenever you receive a new message or when a friend comes online (or goes offline). You are also notified visually, since alerts popup at the bottom right corner of the screen when friends come online or go offline.

There are many shortcuts available. They can bring up the preferences menu, open the current conversation history, show buddy list window, show IM window etc.

Talking to many people at once doesn’t mean you have to open multiple instances of an IM window; tabbed chatting is supported, therefore you only need one IM window and different tabs will open for every conversation.


This program has way too many additional software included. You’re going to have a bad experience if you install all of them. In addition, you can’t view your offline friends but only the online ones. Those are the two main drawbacks of the program, it has a few bugs here and there too but they’re nothing important.


fTalk is a good alternative for Chit Chat for Facebook. It has many features as well and is more user-friendly. It lacks a few features though compared to Chit Chat, such as hotkey support. However it is more functional and modern.

Facebook Messenger is a Facebook desktop chat client which has been created by Facebook developers, although it doesn’t have many features and is not very attractive.


Chit Chat for Facebook is a good program to check out if you want to try something different, but it’s far from perfect and considering the number of extra software it wants to install (and their purposes) it’s not very trustworthy. It would be rated a lot better if not for these excessive 3rd party apps.

Requirements: Requires Facebook Login/Facebook Username Details. Must Be An Existing Facebook User.

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