SlimBoat Web Browser for Windows 1.1.53

SlimBoat Web Browser for Windows 1.1.53

Reviewed by Michael Black

"Fast, secure and powerful web browser"


Looking for a program that will offer you not only blazing fast browsing speeds, but a fully customizable interface? Look no further then SlimBoat. I've used a lot of different web browsers, including all of the current mainstream ones like Chrome, Firefox, Opera, and Safari. I've also been around the internet long enough to remember how a lot of these programs were when they first came about, compared to how they are now. SlimBoat reminds me of the older versions of these browsers, but don't worry, that's a very good thing.

Firefox used to be known for it's speed and security, but now probably a bit more just for it's security. I ran some tests between Firefox and SlimBoat on some pretty content filled websites like MLB, NFL, and IGN. SlimBoat loaded every page about 50-75% faster than Firefox. Beyond just impeccable speed, SlimBoat delivers with a powerful ad and popup blocker, quick form management, social media integration, and a variety of other features.


Pretty basic installation without any settings to really change. Just download the file, run it, and SlimBoat will open up shortly after you complete the installation wizard. SlimBoat is compatible with Windows, Mac, and Linux operating systems.


At first glance, I wasn't impressed with SlimBoat's interface. It almost looked like an older version of Internet Explorer. However, once I started playing around with the customization, I began to be very impressed! I was able to easily drag and drop different menu bars into any space I wanted, well, at least swap them around.

There's actually a lot of different options available from the Menu Bar, which is surprising because of how fast you're able to browse. The settings window itself has over 20 different menus with various settings to tweak. I read somewhere that there were different themes you could choose from, but I was unable to find any appearance changing settings other than font and font size.


  • Lightning fast browsing, beat Firefox on numerous tests
  • Extremely customizable menu interface
  • Various little features that make your life easier, like saving as PDF
  • Free to use!


  • Security can be a little over protective, and asked me if I really wanted to visit a couple of sites I frequent and know for sure are safe.
  • Could be a lot better with skins/themes (these may exist in some form or another, but nothing too obvious apparently)


Browsers don't really differ too much from one to the other, so you can definitely try Firefox or Chrome if you aren't quite satisfied with SlimBoat. They both offer similar features, as well as a bit more options - although they aren't quite as fast at browsing speeds.


I really like SlimBoat, they did a lot of things right and were able to create one of the fastest browsers I've ever seen. People do become accustomed to browsers though, so it may be difficult for me to make a permanent switch. There's definitely nothing wrong with keeping SlimBoat installed just in-case your browser ever makes you too angry.

What's new in this version: Update language files Update adblock filter list url

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