Google Chrome for Android 36.0.1985.141

Google Chrome for Android 36.0.1985.141

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"Google Chrome browser on your Android."


Google Chrome for Android is one of the best web browsers available for the mobile environment. This is not too surprising as, of course, Google also makes the Android operating system that it runs on. Searching and navigation has never been so easy with a web browser as the same box can be used for Google searches and navigation. Smart auto-fill technology ensures that repeated entries of the same data gets picked up with the user being prompted with the right answers on key fields on web forms.

Chrome sync ensures that open web pages can also be open on other devices that have the browser installed and sync connection; don't skip a beat when browsing the web and moving between devices. Google Now is also integrated into Chrome which makes it even easier to search in Chrome for what you want without having to type it in. Data usage is also reduced on the Google Chrome for Android because data is condensed on the server before downloaded to save on bandwidth usage and increase delivery speeds.


Google Chrome for Android is available from the Play Store or the Google product page for Chrome. The web site will detect the platform being used and offer the right down page for it.


The interface on the Android is simplicity itself. When first installing Google Chrome for Android, the software prompts the user to enable Chrome syncing technologies to match open tabs on all versions of Chrome.

After this, the interface opens on a blank web browser page with a hovering blue caption explaining that where the search box / web address box is. A green hovering caption indicates where the square icon is that lets the user switch between open tabs (when more than one is open).

A “Take a Tour” button is shown below the Chrome icon for users who want to leave more before diving into using Chrome.


  • Fast mobile web performance using data condensing
  • Sync between desktop and mobile for open tabs, favorite pages, etc.
  • Incognito mode included for private browsing.
  • Smart auto-fill technology
  • Google Now spoken search integration
  • Free app


  • Suffers from poor memory management with too many tabs are open.
  • Browsing habits may be used to change what ads are displayed


Firefox Browser for Android is an alternative to Chrome for people who prefer to stick with Firefox on their Droid.


Google Chrome for Android is a free web browser that has a lightweight design which many enjoy, whilst user browsing habits to change what ads people see which can be a bit off-putting at times.

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