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  • License: Freeware
  • Date updated: 6/18/2014
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    CDF V2 Document, Little Endian, Os: Windows, Version 5.1, Code page: 1252, Author: Test1, Last Saved By: Authorized User, Name of Creating Application: Microsoft Excel, Last Printed: Mon Aug 7 13:22:50 2006, Create Time/Date: Sat Feb 19 16:51:15 2005, Last Saved Time/Date: Mon Aug 7 13:35:05 2006, Security: 1

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    File Type: XLS
    MIME Type: application/
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    Code Page: Windows Latin 1 (Western European)
    Author: Test1
    Last Modified By: Authorized User
    Software: Microsoft Excel
    Last Printed: 2006:08:08 12:22:50
    Create Date: 2005:02:20 16:51:15
    Modify Date: 2006:08:08 12:35:05
    Security: Password protected
    Code Page: Windows Latin 1 (Western European)
    App Version: 10.4219
    Scale Crop: No
    Links Up To Date: No
    Shared Doc: No
    Hyperlinks Changed: No
    Title Of Parts: Welcome!, C1, G1, C2, G2, C3, G3, C4, G4, C5, G5, Summary,, 'C1'!Print_Area, 'C2'!Print_Area, 'C3'!Print_Area, 'C4'!Print_Area, 'C5'!Print_Area, 'G1'!Print_Area, 'G2'!Print_Area, 'G3'!Print_Area, 'G4'!Print_Area, 'G5'!Print_Area, Summary!Print_Area
    Heading Pairs: Worksheets, 12, Named Ranges, 12
    Code Page: Windows Latin 1 (Western European)
    Tag Ad Hoc Review Cycle ID: 1035349878
    Tag Email Subject: Reverse Auction Question
    Tag Author Email:
    Tag Author Email Display Name: CRANE, LEE S - Windsor, CT
    Comp Obj User Type Len: 26
    Comp Obj User Type: Microsoft Excel Worksheet

Short description

This free, easy-to-use tool helps buyers avoid the misapplication of electronic reverse auctions. By leading the user through a series of questions, the excel-based, pre-auction analysis tool offers customized guidance on your sourcing initiative.... more
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