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"Action RPG game for Android devices"


Zenonia is awesome, they've managed to implement a unique, yet very familiar style of action RPG game-play - very similar to that of a game you'd see on the Super Nintendo. Just like the other four predecessors, this game guarantees intense, fast-paced, and challenging combat. You're also responsible for leveling up your characters stats and abilities, as well as equipping them with gear you acquire along the way.

There are four different classes to choose from, and a ton of different ways to customize them in regards to what their strengths and weaknesses are in combat. The story itself provides you with numerous hours of entertainment, but beyond that you can compete in a variety of different PvP and Raiding scenarios to score gear and points.


Getting Zenonia 5 on your Android device is very easy, just open up the Google Play Store or similar App downloading utility, search for Zenonia, and install the game through there. Other then that, you'll need to create a username the first time you load the game, but this is quick and painless and doesn't even require e-mail.


When you have as much to offer as Zenonia does, it's hard to fit it all into a screen as small as most Android devices. However, through intelligently organized tabs, straight-forward text, and a quick and responsive UI, Zenonia manages to offer one of the best Interfaces I've seen in a mobile phone game. Quickly jump between tabs like Stats, Skills, Equipment, Quests, and more. Swapping armor, leveling abilities, increasing skills, and reading quest info can all be done with just a two or three taps of the finger.

One of my favorite interface features is the quick ability bar, this has eight different slots where you can put skills or abilities in and use them during combat. In single player this isn't a big deal because you can pause and pull up your inventory whenever, but when you get into PvP and Raiding it's a life saver.


  • Fast paced, intense, and most importantly, fun action RPG themed combat
  • Quick and responsive Interface with an intuitive design that makes everything easily accessible
  • Enjoyable background music and sound effects
  • Extensive list of armor, abilities, and skills to unlock throughout the game
  • PvP, Raiding, and More for endless amounts of content


  • Occasionally the text may be hard to read or understand due to translation
  • Allows players to purchase currency; "Pay to win" type of game


Soulcraft is a game pretty similar to Zenonia 5 in regards to action and style, but themed a bit differently. Order and Chaos Online is an awesome Android game that is actually an MMORPG with a ton of stuff to do and see. One more alternative is The Bard's Tale, which is quite a bit different than Zenonia but if you like one of these games, you'd most likely enjoy the other.


Despite minor issues like translation mishaps and the fact other players can just spend money to be good, Zenonia 5 is still an awesome game that I really enjoy playing. If you like RPGs, or just games in general, you should definitely try Zenonia 5.

Reviewed by Michael Black

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