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"Multi-player snake action game."


Viperbyte is an active puzzle game / “eat shoot 'em up” on the Android platform.

The game requires two players to do battle as snakes moving around a game board. This can be a human vs human game or a human vs artificial intelligence bot battle but a battle it will be!

The goal is to score points on the board by eating as many colored hearts that color match which randomly show up on the game board as the round progresses. There is also the option to go about eating the body parts of your opponent (a P.C. game this is not).

When points are scored, your body will grow (thus making it more difficult for your opponent to eat all of you later). Sometimes the body can grow in a way that it is trapped and then this part of the body is sacrificed and your opponent will receive some easy points there.

You will need to pay special attention to the color of the hearts you eat because if you eat the wrong color then the hearts will disappear from the board but your wily opponent will get awarded the points for your eating. The color of your snake can be changed when you want to do so.

Eating hearts successfully also gives your snake more venom which comes into play later. The nearer the game comes to completion, the faster it runs. To win, the player must be both fast and agile.

Venom can be used to attack your opponent cutting them in half. It can be used to protect from an attack. A Butterfly attack can make your opponents body parts fly in several directions on a 10 second count-down, however your opponent can successfully attack you during the count-down and return the Butterfly attack before it goes off. Venom can also make the snake more agile. Some body parts can be exchanged for more venom which adds more flexibility.


The Viperbyte game can be download directly from the Google Play store.

There was no malicious content included in the game unless you count dangerous venom from the opponent snake!

Viperbyte requires Android 3.0 or later version.


The interface is very simple, so it is easy for any gamer to get right into the game and start chasing down hearts to consume.

Good, clear scoring system and fast moving action.


  • Fast moving snake eating game
  • Avoid beating eaten and devour the body of your opponent
  • Play against another human or an AI snake
  • Build up Venom and unleash hell in a variety of special attacks




Viperbyte is a fun snake eating game that pits one human player against another or incorporates AI into the mix. Eating and running or utilizing venom in a number of inventive ways has never been so much fun!

Reviewed by Pete Daniel

Requirements: Android v3.0 or above

What's new in this version: Introduced new single player campaign.

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