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Quick Review

"Compact multi-function utility package"

Ute is a comprehensive and efficient Windows software designed to offer a wide range of utility functions in a compact package. It combines the capabilities of several Sinner Computing utilities, including iTimeSync, Slam, and QWave, while adding four additional features: Backup, Run, CD, and Wallpaper. Although optimized for command line control, Ute also provides a user-friendly interface for operating the Wallpaper Changer and iTimeSync in window mode. It is important to note that Ute is a 32-bit Windows program and not a command line tool.

One of Ute's key features is its ability to synchronize the computer clock with precision using the internet. It supports both the RFC-868 (TIME) and RFC-2030 (SNTP) protocols, enabling users to check and adjust the time with a single button press. Ute comes preloaded with a list of 20 recommended time servers, although users have the flexibility to customize the server selection according to their preferences. In case of server failure, Ute can automatically switch to the next available server. Additionally, users can input manual IP addresses if needed. The software allows for selective updating of minutes and seconds, and it even offers an average mode. For convenience, Ute can be configured to synchronize the clock on Windows startup and then quit. Users can also introduce a positive or negative time offset to cater to personal preferences or obscure time zones. Error and success logging is supported, and users can modify many settings when running Ute in Command Line Mode.

Another useful feature of Ute is its Random Desktop Wallpaper Changer. Not only can it change the desktop wallpaper, but it also has the capability to alter the boot wallpaper. The software supports various image formats, including BMP, JPG, and GIF. It effectively searches through directories and sub-directories to find suitable image files. Users can assign different priority levels to images by organizing them into specific directory names. Ute automatically rescales images to fit the screen proportionally without stretching them. The program takes into account the taskbar size, position, and settings, ensuring that the image is centered on the screen. Logging of wallpaper changes and timestamps is available, and users can set the desktop or boot wallpaper via the command line. Moreover, Ute allows for the selection of individual images through the command line, which can be useful for quickly switching to a specific wallpaper (referred to as "boss mode").

Ute also offers a backup function that allows users to copy changed files to a selected directory. It maintains a database to track file changes, ensuring easy accessibility to backed-up files without requiring any special software. The software supports multi-staged backup, allowing up to 10 change states to be stored.

For quick sound file playback, Ute includes QWave, a feature that enables users to play common sound files with minimal resource consumption. With a file size of only 5.5 KB, QWave is lightweight and efficient. It can be configured to work automatically via the file context menu, providing easy access to sound file playback. Users also have the option to terminate files before completion using an icon in the system tray.

Ute offers a command line shutdown feature that supports various system actions, including shutdown, power off, restart, log off, hibernation, and suspend. It provides flexible settings for time warnings and confirmation prompts. Ute can forcefully terminate unresponsive programs or facilitate emergency shutdowns. Additionally, it allows for remote shutdown or restart of networked computers, although power off functionality is not available for remote operations. Shutdown events can be logged for reference.

In the Run mode, Ute provides options to set variable warnings or delays before executing a program. It also offers the ability to request permission before running a program, ensuring user control. Users can specify the process priority of a program

as Idle, Normal, High, or Realtime. Program execution events can be logged as well.

Ute includes the functionality to open or close the CD drive using a command line shortcut. This feature provides convenient control over the CD drive's open/closed status, enabling users to automate operations or perform quick actions.

Ute is designed to accommodate multi-user setups and can run smoothly on systems with low privilege levels, including Windows Vista/7. Most functions of Ute do not encounter any issues in such environments. However, the iTimeSync function requires administrative privileges to modify the system time.

Developed entirely in Assembly Language, Ute is a remarkably compact program with a size of approximately 100KB. Its memory efficiency ensures smooth performance without excessive resource usage. Furthermore, Ute can be executed directly from a USB key without the need for installation. Users can simply extract the program from the installer and copy the "Ute.exe" file to any desired location. The installer also supports installation on Windows Vista without User Account Control (UAC) prompts and works seamlessly with low privilege logins.

Requirements: None

What's new in this version: v1.9 rebuild project

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