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"Power management tool for Windows 7, 8, 10."

Power Plan Assistant is an intelligent power management tool designed specifically for the Microsoft Windows 7, 8, and 10 operating systems. It serves as an all-in-one solution for manual and automatic power plan switching, providing users with a compact yet informative system Power icon replacement and a host of other useful features.

With Power Plan Assistant, users can effortlessly switch between the built-in and custom power plans offered by Windows. Unlike the default system Power icon, which only allows toggling between two power plans, Power Plan Assistant enables users to access and switch to any available power plan instantly. Additionally, it provides the convenience of powering off the display immediately upon user command, eliminating the need to wait for at least one minute for the display to turn off and thereby conserving energy. Users can easily wake up the display by pressing any key or moving the cursor.

One of the key features of Power Plan Assistant is its ability to display the currently active power plan. The dynamic Power Plan Assistant icon in the Windows taskbar's notification area changes in real-time according to the active power plan. It doesn't matter whether the power plan was changed through the Control Panel, the system Power icon, or Power Plan Assistant itself. Furthermore, the notification area icon of Power Plan Assistant can replace the system Power icon entirely, offering more comprehensive information such as battery level, active power plan (indicated by the color of the battery icon), and power source status (indicated by the cap of the battery icon). This replacement icon provides greater precision and functionality compared to the system Power icon.

Power Plan Assistant also offers automatic power plan switching based on user preferences. Users can configure the software to switch to the 'Power Saver' plan to conserve energy when the battery power is running low (the threshold is customizable). On plugging in the power source, the software can switch to the 'High Performance' or 'Balanced' plan, while on unplugging, it can switch to 'Balanced' or 'Power Saver' plan automatically.

In addition to power plan management, Power Plan Assistant allows users to perform various actions with ease. Users can instantly power off the display, lock the workstation, and more without the need to click a single button. By placing the cursor precisely at the top-left corner of the screen, users can trigger the user-configurable action of their choice. However, this feature is not available in Windows 8.x due to conflicts with Windows' own usage of this "hot corner."

The latest addition to Power Plan Assistant is the ability to run user-defined applications or batch files when power plan changes occur. Users can set specific actions to be executed when each power plan is activated. This feature opens up endless possibilities, such as tying overclocking software presets to specific power plans or disabling specific devices based on the active power plan.

Power Plan Assistant provides extensive customization options for every feature it offers. Users can enable or disable features permanently or for the current session. Balloon messages and the appearance/behavior of the notification icon can also be tailored to suit individual preferences. Users can access and modify all available settings through the "left-click" actions menu upon starting the application.

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