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Quick Review

"Simulate user activity."

Move Mouse is a user-friendly software application that emulates user activity on Windows systems. Originally developed to prevent session locks and sleep mode on Windows, Move Mouse has versatile applications across various scenarios.

One of the primary uses of Move Mouse is to maintain active remote sessions while working from home. Many companies enforce strict idle time policies that disconnect users when they are away from their computers, necessitating reconnection. Move Mouse solves this issue by running in the background and generating user activity whenever it detects inactivity, ensuring that remote sessions remain active. When you return to your computer, Move Mouse seamlessly fades into the background.

There are numerous ways users can establish remote connections when working from home. This can involve using local clients such as Citrix Receiver, VMware Horizon, or AWS WorkSpaces to directly connect to office computers or launch applications through web portals. In this example, we will demonstrate using the VMware Horizon Client to connect to a virtual desktop (VDI) in the workplace. However, you may need to customize certain steps based on your specific setup.

To configure Move Mouse for remote sessions, begin by opening the Settings window. Add an "Activate Application" action to bring your remote client into the foreground. You can choose between Process or Window Mode, with Process being recommended to ensure compatibility even if window titles change. Select the name of your remote client from the provided list and use the Test button to verify functionality.

Next, include a "Position Mouse Cursor" action to move the mouse pointer to a safe location within the remote session. The Track feature can automatically calculate the correct position, often hovering over the Start Button. Use the Test button to confirm its effectiveness.

For sending a mouse click to the remote session, add a "Click Mouse Button" action. This method generally works better than the "Move Mouse Cursor" action, which may not be detected reliably in the remote session.

Switch to the Behaviour tab and configure the settings as shown. This will prompt Move Mouse to randomly execute the specified actions every 30 to 60 seconds. It will automatically pause when user activity is detected (indicating computer usage) and resume when the computer remains idle for more than three minutes.

In the Appearance tab, adjust the settings as demonstrated. This ensures that Move Mouse displays its interface when active but automatically minimizes it when paused.

If you wish to keep Move Mouse running continuously but restrict its activity to your working hours, you can accomplish this through Blackouts. Let's consider a typical Monday to Friday working week from 8:00 am to 6:00 pm. However, you can customize these settings according to your specific working hours or add multiple Blackout windows. For this example, Move Mouse should remain inactive over the weekend.

To set up Blackouts, create a window that starts at the end of your working day (6:00 pm) and continues through the night until your next working day (a span of 14 hours). This window should be active every day. Additionally, add a second Blackout window active only on Saturday and Sunday to cover the remaining hours from 8:00 am for 10 hours.

Move Mouse is a reliable and user-friendly Windows software that effectively simulates user activity to prevent session locks and sleep mode. Whether you're working from home and need to keep remote sessions alive or simply want to maintain active windows during idle periods, Move Mouse provides a range of customizable actions and settings. Its ability to automatically pause and resume based on user activity, along with features like Blackouts and reactivating the last active window, make it a versatile tool for ensuring uninterrupted computer usage. With Move Mouse, you can enjoy enhanced productivity and uninterrupted workflows on your Windows system.

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