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"Theft recovery for laptops"


Absolute LoJack Premium is a device recovery software package to help users recover their stolen desktop, laptop or tablet PC. There are versions available for Windows (reviewed here), Mac and Android (none for iOS).

It is also possible to buy computing devices with the Absolute Persistence technology installed from the factory which uses either firmware or a BIOS inside a computing device to protect it. This provides an additional layer of security as usually the user can either re-format the hard drive or replace it in order to get around any Absolute LoJack Premium protection if they were aware it was already installed.

The software can help to locate a device by using a combination of GPS (for mobile devices), IP geo-location and Wi-Fi connectivity. Wi-Fi connectivity can be less accurate but it is still a useful barometer for where a laptop or other device has disappeared to. However, the device does need to be connected to the internet in order for the software to send out a signal to indicate its location.

A remote locking facility can help to block access to a PC once a message has been received that the device was stolen. A customizable message can be displayed on the stolen device to direct the thief what to do next.

Identity theft is a big risk today. There is a remote deletion procedure that can be activated to permanently erase all files that contain personally-identifiable information to avoid a thief using this information to steal an identify, open accounts in the device owner's name, etc.

The Absolute Investigations team can be hired to track down the stolen device and hopefully return it to its rightful owner undamaged.

There is also a mention on the web site that if the stolen device isn't recovered within 60 days then the Absolute LoJack team will contribute towards the cost of a replacement. There will obviously be some terms and conditions to this pledge.


The software is available for Windows as a one year or three year subscription. The premium version includes the service guarantee mentioned above whereas the standard version does not. The cost of the premium edition doesn't add much more to the cost of the software.

Absolute LoJack Premium requires Windows Vista, 7, 8 and 8.1 (32 & 64-bit versions). Note: Windows 8 RT is not supported,


The interface is very simple to use and configure.

The device name, serial number, location, and other information is displayed at the top of the application.

There is a tabbed navigation interface with options for Locate, Lock, Delete and Recover.

Below the options is the main display. When focused on Locate, the entire display shows a map which highlights the user's present location and the last known location of the computer device.


  • Provides peace of mind against theft
  • Geo-locate where a laptop or desktop PC has disappeared to
  • Add a message to the thief with instructions how they can return a computer device
  • Enables the person to recover or let the authorities do it for you
  • Remotely disable a PC
  • Remotely delete files that would have provided information for identity thieves
  • Software versions available for Windows, Mac and Android users; sold separately.


  • Will only geo-locate, lock or delete sensitive contents of a stolen computer if a) the thief (or person who buys the computer) goes online; and b) does not re-format the hard drive before going online.


Absolute LoJack Premium can provide some peace of mind, ability to geo-locate a stolen computer, remotely lock it, delete personal information, and make the PC less usable to anyone who has taken unauthorized possession of it as long as they don't reformat it first. Therefore, the software provides some, but not complete, protection for the price.

Reviewed by Pete Daniel

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