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"Import/export of CSV, XLS, XML, SQL, ..."

FlowHeater provides the ideal solution for seamlessly transferring data from one database to another. It facilitates the merging of data from different sources through the utilization of the FlowHeater adapter. Acting as an intermediary, this adapter connects data from diverse sources that are stored in varying formats. True to its name, FlowHeater ensures a continuous transformation of data throughout the flow cycle, facilitating the smooth integration of different data sources.

Understanding Data Migration Process

Data migration refers to the transfer of data between various systems, including data import and export across different database platforms. This process is typically necessitated by company restructurings, mergers, or database upgrades to newer versions. Data migration also presents an opportunity to cleanse and streamline data by transferring only relevant information to the new system. FlowHeater adapters play a pivotal role in enabling quick, accurate, and secure data migration. It is essential to migrate all data, including master data, to facilitate a swift migration process and enable extensive reporting right from the start.

Advantages of Precise Data Migration

Data migration offers a multitude of benefits, with systematic data cleanup being a primary advantage. Effective data migration is not solely the responsibility of the IT department but requires collaboration across all departments within a company. Typically, the process involves a series of steps, starting with a status analysis and planning, followed by the identification of potential weaknesses. Subsequently, the migration plan is developed based on determining which data should be migrated and where it should be migrated to.

Technical Capabilities

FlowHeater distinguishes itself by providing a highly intuitive tool for data transfer and conversion between systems. It offers a swift and efficient solution for migrating and converting data without the need for time-consuming installations or programming skills. The application operates in the following manner: the Read-file is read into an internal format by the adapter. Subsequently, the fitter transfers the data via pipes and heaters to the internal data structure on the write-side. The fitter is responsible for all data conversions, including those involving different locales and data formats. FlowHeater effortlessly handles various coding pages and allows for flexible combinations as desired.

Unveiling the Significance of "FlowHeater" Terminology

The term "flow heater" aptly describes the software's functioning. As data flows through the program, it undergoes continuous conversion and transformation. Visualize the individual bytes in memory being heated through the friction generated by the conversion process.

Read Adapter -> Field -> Pipe -> Heater -> Pipe -> Field -> Write Adapter

Even the simplest conversion involves seven individual transformations on each field. Remarkably, despite this extensive processing, FlowHeater achieves impressively fast throughput. The terminology employed draws an analogy to continuous flow water heaters, plumbers, and gas fitters. Capitalizing the terms for functional elements in FlowHeater eliminates any potential confusion.

Adapter: Adapters serve as interfaces to the data sources and targets. They are solely responsible for reading/writing data from/to the internal format.
Fitter: The Fitter performs the transformation work, transcribing the data from the source to the target while implementing modifications based on the Definition.
Pipe: Pipes establish connections between Fields, and their manipulation can be easily achieved through drag and drop in the Designer function.
Heater: Heaters, also known as functions, are the workhorses in FlowHeater. They facilitate the manipulation of text fields, perform arithmetic calculations, and adjust dates and times, among other tasks.

Requirements: .NET Framework 4.5

What's new in this version: Write different types of record in one output file

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