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"Defend your castle against monsters!"


Are you searching for a game that can provide a stunning challenge as well as continuous and addictive gameplay? Then Defender might be just the application for your Android smartphone! While the game is not based on an entirely new or innovative concept, it does implement the most important features of wall defense games impressively well.

The wall defense games essentially imply survival against the waves of oncoming enemies for a pre-established duration or a fixed number of waves using projectiles and magic, while earning points to help you fortify your defenses. And, the truth is that few Android games are able to juggle between RPG notions like Mana, HP, Agility, Strength and other stats as well as Defender.


The graphic interface is quite attractive for an Android game and it is safe to say that the animations of your spells rise up to the level of the former generation of desktop computer games. The variety of spells that can be cast by dragging and dropping the buttons in the lower right corner of the screen towards the targeted area produce impressive results. In the lower left corner of the window, players can check the remaining HP of their walls as well as the Mana necessary to cast spells. On the upper section of the screen you will notice a pause button, followed by the amount of gold and gems you have gathered and the number of the level. Enemy NPCs continue to spawn on the right side of the screen and proceed towards your wall on the right in waves, followed by the occasional level boss.


The background music is not the highlight of Defender, but the sounds generated by the impact of your projectiles and spell cast are top notch quality.


As previously mentioned, the objective is to repel the waves of monsters utilizing your ballista and spells which you discover and improve via the Magic Tower in between stages. In order to successfully survive the invasion players need to combine the two defense means in a clever manner as to obliterate the maximum number of enemy NPCs with the lowest resources before they can breach through the wall. The strength attribute influences the damage of the ballista's arrows, the agility attribute maximizes your firing rate and the Mana boosts the number of spells you can cast.


The graphical interface and the clever character management system in combination with an exciting combat are the highlights of Defender, a castle defense game that rivals PC versions in this category. Moreover, Defender is a free application.


Well, I feel that the names of the skills as well as the game itself are a bit too generic and cliché.


If you like this game, you could also try Lair Dungeon: Defense, Missile Defender, Lair Defense: Shrine or Medieval Castle Defense.


Based on the successful concept of wall defense, this freeware application for the Android OS effectively balances the gameplay with a comprehensive, yet versatile castle development system, beautiful graphical effects, well thought out NPCs and Bosses in order to bring you weeks of entertainment.

Reviewed by Chad Faith

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