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"Car racing game for iOS devices!"


Dead Ahead is runner style game for iOS, that gives players a motorcycle, a plethora of weapons, an optional deadly female side-kick, and an endless amount of zombie fodder for either your wheels of doom to flatten or your unlimited ammunition to tear through. The premises of the game can easily be summed up in a few words “Drive to Survive” as you’ll be riding through a side of town that doesn’t end until you’re either face down on the pavement or end up as dinner for a horde of flesh hungry zombies.

The game offers a visually appealing atmosphere that sports fun 16-bit style graphics. It keeps the pace of action going by allowing you to use in-game currency to buy extra lives, faster re-loading, or double clip size. The currency can be bought with real cash and is needed to complete many of the challenging objectives you’ll be given throughout the game. Don’t let that discourage you though, as I was able to complete every stage and progress through the majority of upgrades with only spending $1.99, which was used to purchase the female side-kick. It has a good balance of in-game rewards as well as offer cash options to support the development. There are only three items that can be purchased with real money, two versions of the female side-kick, and a super heavy hitter bike. Overall though this is a free title that you’ll get hours of fun out of, without having to spend a dime.

The game currently has four stages to play-through that are laid out in forms of difficulty. Easy, Normal, Hard, and Nightmare. You progress in the game by ranking up your driver, which can be accomplished by completing three set objectives that include tasks like running over 500 zombies, get a killing spree of 100, or jumping on ten cars. You also receive one daily challenge which can be accomplished at any rank. The game can be difficult at times, with some challenges making you want to tear a pound of flesh out yourself. Most of the difficulties can be reduced by purchasing one-time upgrades. This leaves you with either strategically spending your in-game currency on big-win runs, or just dropping enough real cash until you finally get that needed double-kill spree with a double barreled shotgun.


Dead Ahead is available on all iOS devices with version 4.3 or later. The game is free to download and play through the App Store. In-game cash store is optional.


The interface is as neat and artistic as the rest of the game with the 16bit style buttons and menus. You’ll have one large button to shot and one to speed your bike up. The UI will display things like speed, reloading status, and any bonuses.


  • Enjoyable runner-style zombie slayer game
  • Challenging
  • Plenty of upgrade options
  • Reply value is high


  • Can be over challenging for some
  • Certain points in the game may leave you with a decision to purchase in-game currency or grind your way through saving coins to advance through objectives.


I've checked out a few zombie runner games and most of them aren't worth mentioning. One that has received a fair amount of praise is Into the Dead. It’s presented in a first person view making it a bit different than Dead Ahead, but provides runner like elements and plenty of zombie slaying.


Dead Ahead consumed many hours of my life and overall I’d say most of those hours where very enjoyable. I never really got bored over the concept of the game and didn't stop playing it until I had all of the weapons and upgrades that I wanted. The game can be a bit challenging, but for a zombie slayer game that’s generally a welcomed attribute. I would have liked to see more added to the game, there’s a “coming soon” level that just never seems to come and I felt like there could have been more options for bikes and weapons. Hopefully they’ll release a Dead Ahead 2 or a patch update that will provide more reasons for me to pick up again. If you’re considering trying it out, there really isn't any reason not, as it will provide plenty of fun for any fans of the genre and at a unbeatable price.

Reviewed by Andrew Black

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