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DEAD TRIGGER 2 for iOS 0.6.1

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"First person zombie shooter arcade"


The very first game I ever downloaded after buying an iPad was Dead Trigger, and I thoroughly enjoyed that game - which led me to be very excited about Dead Trigger 2. After playing through the first few missions and building some items, I was really impressed by the game and was certain it would keep me entertained for days.

Unfortunately, I came to realize rather quickly that Dead Trigger 2 wouldn't stay interesting very long. The main problem is that the campaign comes to a halt after about an hour of missions, and forces you into an extremely repetitive story. However, I can't go without noting how great the game plays, and how much fun it is to take down hordes of zombies with an arsenal of weapons.


Very simple, just download the app from the App Store and open it once it has finished installing. You'll be required to pick a username, or create a Dead Trigger account (optional).


Your Hideout is a major aspect of the game, and it's an extremely UI driven aspect. This is where you'll upgrade workers in order to unlock better weapons and equipment which you can assign them to work on. Everything is built on a real-time limit, for example, upgrading your shotgun would cost $10,000 and take 4 hours. You don't need to play the game during that time, so you could leave it alone for four hours and come back to an upgraded weapon.

Everything is very responsive in the UI, and it's pretty easy to navigate from one worker to the next. Switching between your hideout and the various in-game locations is simple as well, and choosing missions is very straightforward.


  • Great graphics and very intense game play
  • Tons of upgrades to unlock and workers to level up
  • Variety of different mission types and zombie types
  • Responsive UI that is easy to navigate


  • Very repetitive short missions to complete over and over again after the short campaign is finished
  • Upgrades take a very long time to earn without spending money on in-game gold


Honestly, the best alternative to Dead Trigger 2, is going to be it's predecessor: Dead Trigger. This game offers an endgame area (the arena) that is something you'll actually want to keep on playing. Another great shooter, not necessarily zombie-oriented however, is N.O.V.A 3 - this game features awesome multi-player and an engaging campaign with intense combat.


I'm so torn on how to feel about Dead Trigger 2, on one hand it features major improvements in game mechanics and overall consistency - but lacks any real replay value. It appears that additional zones will be unlocked as players work through the city battles, but as of right now there just isn't enough content to keep most people interested for more than a few hours.

Despite all of this, Dead Trigger 2 is still an amazing free game, and it would be an in-justice if I were too hard on it for not being perfect. I definitely recommend any fan of zombie shooters check this game out!

Reviewed by Michael Black

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