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Published by FlashComponents on 28 Aug 2014

"SmallGallery is XML driven image gallery"

SmallGallery is XML driven image gallery component for Flash CS 3.0 and Flash CS4, very ease to use and configure either by Component Inspector, from XML file or using SmallGallery class properties in ActionScript. Package also includes preset .swf files build for easy implementation in HTML page, so you can use it even if you don't have Flash. Component is mostly designed to give full functionality of standard galleries in small space. Therefore, images and thumbnails are not shown at their original size, but scaled to fit component or thumbnail size. Still, full size image can be displayed in browser pop-up window (this will only work if component is run from server, keep that in mind when testing).Controls are also designed for saving space, so instead of classic buttons controls are implemented as "cursor buttons" (which you can change by editing adequate library symbols). Blending mode of buttons can be changed for better visibility (in preview blending is set to invert).Paths to images and thumbnails by default are defined in external XML file, but you can also set them inside Flash if you prefer, or you can use FlashVars (example provided in package). Configuring XML is very easy, and if you use some naming convention for your files it can be even easier :-).Using separate image files for thumbnails and large images are optional, you can also use just large images if you like, so navigation will be smother but it will take more time for initial loading. This can be done individually for each image simply by not setting path to thumbnail file.
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