Handwriting Animation Tool 1.0

Handwriting Animation Tool 1.0

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Published by FlashComponents on 13 Apr 2015

"Enter multiline text and hit "GO" to view a h"

Enter multiline text and hit "GO" to view a handwriting animation. Hit "enter" to test the forced newline functionality. The tool features:

a NEW readable font;
a calligraphic, artistic font;
multiline text drawn in a rectangle area;
newline upon reaching the text area width;
forced newline by entering carriage return symbol/hitting "enter";
setting scale to control the size of the letters;
autoscroll upon reaching the bottom of textarea rectangle;
additional functionality which stores the curves in a bitmapdata object to restore smooth drawing. use this when you need to show more text;

Use the text color and blur color fields to enter hexadecimal values for the colors used in the animation. Each value describes the Red, Green and Blue parts of the color. The format is 0xRRGGBB and for example 0x000000 is black, 0xFFFFFF is white, 0xFF0000 is red, 0x00FF00 is green and 0x0000FF is blue. The glow strength defines how much the glow effect will affect the curves of the animation. Enter 0 if you do not want glow effect. The speed field defines the number of frames each curve will take to draw. That means that the smaller this number is the faster the animation will be. The pen checkbox shows and hides the pen. Also the pen leaves a trail between the letters. The background checkbox shows and hides a background to show another feel of the handwriting animation. If you click this checkbox it will also change other parameters to some default values for your convenience. Click the "GO" button to run the animation with chosen parameters. The scroll checkbox turns on and off the autoscroll functionality.

Information for curves forming the Latin alphabet and some punctuation symbols is available for use. Tool filesize is 3kb, curve definitons filesize is 49kb.

Requirements: Flash Player 7 and above

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