Fullscreen Stage Align Pattern AS3.0 1.0

Fullscreen Stage Align Pattern AS3.0 1.0

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Published by FlashComponents on 12 Apr 2015

"Allows you to keep the movieclips aligned to"

Fullscreen Stage Align Pattern AS3

Programing language used: ActionScript 3.0 [AS3]

"Fullscreen Stage Align Pattern AS3" allows you to keep the movieclips aligned to where you want them to be aligned, with the confort and customizability of ActionScript 3.0.


Align on Resize:
Whenever someone resizes the browser with will automaticly smoothly move each movieclip to their specific place on stage.

Customizable margins:
Allows you to change the vertical and the horizontal margins, only by replacing the value of a simple varieble!

High customizable Tween motion:
Thanks to a tweening machine, Tweener, all the movieclips move smoothly, there are up to 41 tweening equations, this means that you will be able to change the way the movieclip move simply by changing the value of a single variable.
In addition, you can also control the time that the movieclips take to be fully aligned, changing the value of a simple variable.

Fullscreen pattern fill:
This feature fills the screen with a pattern whenever you resize the stage, so you always get a smooth and clean background without pixelation or distortion, you can use your favorite pattern or you can use the free included pattern i've created.

Embedded font:
Free Orgdot font, Teachers Pet Sans Serif, embedded in the file so even the user havent got this font installed he will be able to see it.

Enjoy :)

Package includes: FLA
Opens with: Flash CS3
AS Version: ActionScript 3.0
Viewable with: Flash Player 9 and above

Requirements: Flash Player 7 and above

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