Color Accent Website Template 1.0

Color Accent Website Template 1.0

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Published by FlashComponents on 13 Apr 2015

"The customizable options can be accessed thro"

The customizable options can be accessed through several XML files.

In this file you can define the number of tiles every object will be divided to. You must change the cols and rows numbers. The v_pos and h_pos variables define the position of the object that you will animate with the tiles. The speed of tile animation can be controlled by the mdelay variable. Larger number means lower speed. Also the default menu item can be set from here. It will result in auto select of this menu item as if it was pressed. In this file you can enter the copyright text. Choose an accent color and enter its hexadecimal value in this file. This color can be used in the template for many of its objects. The audio track can be set from here and you need to put the path to the file. The background tile image must be entered again with the full path to the file. Lastly from here you define which XML file the template will open to load its menu.

In this file you can set the space between the menu items - both horizontal and vertical. The leftmargin and rightmargin numbers define the space each menu item will have before and after its caption. The bar behind the menu can be different color than the menus - use the menu_back_color variable. The color of the text is global for all menu items and must be set in the normaltextcolor. The pressedtextcolor number stores the color of the caption when the menu item is pressed.

Each menu item has caption and an unique menu_id. In order for the menu to work properly please include one menu item with menu_id of 0. The command variable can be one of the following:
* change_object where you can set the movie to load and the resource file that the external movie may need;
* start_slideshow where you can set the XML file describing the slideshow;
* load_gallery where you can set the XML file describing the gallery;
* getURL where you need to set the requested URL and the target (_self/_blank);

XML Files Storing Text and Image D

Requirements: Flash Player 7 and above

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