Find and Replace It For Linux 2.3.4

Find and Replace It For Linux 2.3.4

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Reviewed by Gabriel Cojocaru on 27 Dec 2013

"Find and replace utility that supports regexp"

Do you need to find and replace a text in a series of files contained in one or more folders? Some may think they could do it manually, but that could take hours or days. This program can do it for you in seconds. It can also handle successfully very large files (>10G) which most text editors will not be able to open without crashing.

Here’s a quick look at the key elements for this software:

  • You tell it what text you want the files to contain and what to replace it with and the program will do it for you
  • You can use wildcard characters or even regular expressions if you’re an advanced user who wants to find & replace different patterns
  • Knows how to differentiate & keep the line breaks characters
  • Works with Unicode files
  • You have at your disposal simple text transformation tools like converting all the letters to upper or lower case, HEX encode & decode, transform the text by applying UTF-8 encoding, etc
  • Similar functions to JavaScript
  • Multithreading capabilities
  • Use it in different languages

Download “Find & Replace It!” if you want to automatically search for a text into a list of files, replace it with another and save the affected files.

Requirements: PDF Reader for PDF 1.4

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    8 Nov 2018
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