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Reviewed by Pete Daniel

"Easy Windows optimizing"


PC Fresh is a system utility to provide a range of tools to help improve overall system performance. These include a review of background Windows processes that might not actually be needed, a RAM tuner, a power saver, a Startup app optimizer, a disk defragmentation, and other features.

The Startup program manager is used to reduce the number of applications that start up when Windows does. This can seriously increase the time it takes a computer to boot up. The disk defragmentation process is there to improve disk performance loading apps and retrieving data within apps. This is achieved by relocating the file fragments to be closer together so they load faster because the hard drive has to work less hard to achieve the same result.

The software does a reasonable job with the options it presents, however it doesn't really provide anything that other system utilities do not already provide either for free or as a premium version with far more features than included in the PC Fresh line-up.


The installation gets held up by the requirement to provide a first and last name, plus an email address. This sends out an email with an unlock code which must be entered in order to try the software out. This kind of approach is unfortunate because it is forcing the user to provide personal information, including a valid email address, to receive the unlock code response. It is not malware, but it is pushing the limits on what is reasonable from a software package just to try it out.

PC Fresh requires Windows XP, Vista, 7 or 8


The main interface is divided into six areas: Services, Startup, Power Now, Speed, Customize, and Security & Power Tools.

It is simple to use and understand what each feature will offer.


  • Configure which Windows services continue to run in the background consuming RAM and CPU cycles
  • Check which programs are scheduled to open at Windows start-up and reduce the number of them
  • Power Now can turn off non-essential items to reserve more power for essentials
  • Adjust performance settings to optimize the PC for whatever main tasks are needed to be completed
  • Change expert Windows settings
  • Defragment a hard drive
  • Optimize RAM memory
  • Review hard drive usage
  • Find serial numbers
  • Display system information
  • Trial version


  • Kind of generic utility where other software packages like System Mechanic offer the same or more features.
  • Requires first name, last name and email address to receive unlock code just to trial the software


CCLeanerAdvanced SystemCareWise Care 365.


PC Fresh is a decent, not stellar, all-round utility that can improve system performance by reducing active processes, tweak performance depending on the actions, defragment the hard drive, and more.

Requirements: .NET Framework 2.0

What's new in this version: Generelle Programmverbesserungen für noch mehr Performance!

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