Advanced Uninstaller PRO 12.22

Advanced Uninstaller PRO 12.22

Reviewed by Vishven Chandran

"Uninstall programs quickly and completely"


Sometimes the default Windows uninstaller falls short and either fails to remove the software that you're trying to delete or ends up leaving traces of it behind. That is where utilities like the Advanced Uninstaller PRO step in.

By quickly and yet comprehensively detecting and removing unnecessary traces of software, this utility can keep your computer in tip top condition. On top of that, this software actually does a lot more than just uninstall software too.


Although the bulk of the installation is fairly standard, there is optional software packaged together with the Advanced Uninstaller PRO that you can choose whether or not to install - the AVG Security Toolbar.

Also keep an eye out for the options to change your default search provider and homepage.

The Advanced Uninstaller PRO supports both the 32 and 64 bit versions of Windows XP, Vista, 7 and 8.


The user interface of the software has recently been revamped and now features tiles that are reminiscent of the new Metro UI introduced by Windows 8.

Through those tiles and the explanations provided on the right, you can navigate to the General Tools, File and Registry Tools, Internet Browser Tools, Reports, General Settings and Help.

Despite the numerous options present in this software, the user interface makes it easy to locate the various functions, and is a marked improvement over its previous versions.


In terms of sheer features, the Advanced Uninstaller PRO is hard to beat. Its core role as an uninstaller is supplemented by various additional functions, including:

  • Scanning for leftover files and registry entries after uninstalling a program
  • Monitoring installations so that software can be removed completely afterwards
  • Locating and deleting duplicate files that are unnecessary
  • Cleaning and optimizing the computer registry
  • Removing unneeded temporary files
  • Managing and clearing the browsing history, cookies, and temporary files for Internet Explorer, Firefox and Chrome
  • Configuring the list of start-up programs and background processes that are running
  • Shredding files so that they are deleted permanently and cannot be recovered

All of this is really just the tip of the iceberg, and to cut a long story short in addition to helping uninstall software the Advanced Uninstaller PRO also helps to optimize the computer's performance and hard disk utilization.

Furthermore, the new interface is definitely accessible and user friendly - which makes using this software a breeze.


Frankly speaking there are no real weaknesses present in this software and it works like an absolute charm. The only possible qualm some users may have is the fact that its Internet Browser Tools focus on Internet Explorer, Firefox and Chrome and do not include other popular alternatives such as Opera and Safari.


The only other similar software that can hold a candle to this one is the Revo Uninstaller. That being said, while it may have many of the same sort of features, its UI is not nearly as clean and well defined as the Advanced Uninstaller PRO.


Not only does the Advanced Uninstaller PRO perform its task admirably, but it also helps the overall well-being of the computer through its numerous other incorporated features. For all its options however, it is so easy to grasp and even first time users will become accustomed to its inner workings in no time.

Anyone needing a more comprehensive uninstaller needs look no further than this.

Requirements: Minimum 128 MB RAM, 80 MB free disk space

What's new in this version: Advanced Uninstaller PRO got even better! Improved uninstaller clean-up. Full support for Windows 7 and Windows 8 beta. Major Advanced Uninstaller PRO user interface redesign. New tools for cleaning up web browsers: Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Firefox.

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