Registry Tools Package 1.40

Registry Tools Package 1.40

Reviewed by Gary Oldwood

"Package of 5 Windows Registry tools."


If you want to keep your computer in a good shape and maximize performance, then you have to use utilities for scanning the system in order to fix errors and remove unneeded items. Registry is an integral part of a computer that has a great effect in its performance, thus special care is required for it. Registry Tools Package by NirSoft Registry Tools is package that contains 5 tools for scanning and configuring the registry.


Registry Tools Package is not a standalone application, but consists of 5 independent applications that require no installation. In other words, what you download is an archive that includes 5 executables and their corresponding help files. So you just have to extract that archive to a folder and run each application from it.

No malware (viruses, Trojans, etc.) are included in any of the applications (or the archive itself); the same goes for additional 3rd-party advertised software either.

Supported operating systems are all versions of Windows, including Windows 8 and 8.1 (32/64-bit).


Since we are talking about separate apps, then this means that there are as many interfaces as there are applications. All of them however have something in common, and that is that they use the old and outdated Windows look that comes from the pre-Windows XP era.

Nevertheless, even though each app’s interface is very basic, it is sufficient for its purpose.


As I mentioned above, the Registry Tools Package includes 5 different apps for scanning the registry and manually making changes to it. So let’s see what each app does:

  1. RegScanner: This one could be described as a registry search app. It allows you to search the registry for specific values by defining various search criteria, and then display the results in a list. Those results can in turn be opened directly in Registry Editor and edited from there.
  2. RegFromApp: With this one you can record all changes made to the registry by a user-selected running process. All changes are saved in a registry file (.reg), which can be used importing these changes at some other time.
  3. RegDllView: This app displays a list of all registered dll/ocx/exe files along with the date/time they were registered and their registration entries, which you can delete in case they were left after their file counterparts were deleted.
  4. ActiveXHelper: Lets you view details regarding ActiveX components installed in your computer. Since the list of all ActiveX components is usually very big, you can specify which ones to display at a time. Additionally, you can disable temporarily any ActiveX component you wish, and re-enable it afterwards.
  5. RegFileExport: With RegFileExport you can extract data from offline Registry files located in another computer in a network. After reading a registry file remotely, you can save all or a part of its data into a local .reg file. Even if the registry file that you’re trying to access is corrupted, RegFileExport will try to export as much information as it can from it.


Instead of having many apps with a simple and specific purpose each, the developer could try to create a universal application and include the functionality of those apps in it, so that the user doesn’t have to use its own separately. This way it will be more organized and less confusing.


There are several tools for scanning and configuring the registry, most of which are automatic. For example, some of the best ones are CCleaner (free), Auslogics Registry Cleaner (free) and Wise Registry Cleaner (free).


Registry Tools Package contains several apps, mainly used for very specific tasks- something that kind of makes them less desired. If they were part of a single program, they would be more popular and useful.

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