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mst Defrag

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Published by mst software on 3 Apr 2009
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    3 Apr 2009
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"A proactive Windows defragmentation software."

mst Defrag is worldwide the first proactive defragmentation software. mst Defrag works completely in the background and does not interrupt or disturb the work of users.
mst Defrag is a useful and well knowed defragmentation program.

You will have the maximum performance everytime, not only just after the defragmentation. mst Defrag is the only solution to eliminate performance bottlenecks and stability problems directly at their beginning.

Using mst Defrag, you can defragment drives of distant network computers as easy as local drives. Specialized client software for workstations and servers is available.

mst Defrag supports two working modes:

Background mode
The background mode is characterized by a constant monitoring of drives for changed data. When a new or changed file is detected, it is inserted in a list of files to check (FTC).

If the computer is not under heavy user load or if other factors seem opportune, the files on the FTC list will be analysed and, if needed, defragmented. This mechanism ensures that a fragmented file will be in an optimal state at the latest of 5 minutes.

The unique advantage of the background mode is the constant availability of the full system performance and the elimination of bottle necks right at their root. This feature makes the background mode particularly interesting for server systems.

The administrator does not need anymore to start a time-consuming defragmentation process by hand or to use complex scheduling services. mst Defrag automatically provides the optimal, maximum system performance.

The background mode is the default mode mst Defrag operates in. The operation can be controlled and adjusted using the user interface. With the network user interface, you also can optimize other computers all around your network.

A drive supervised by the background mode is marked by the status monitoring.

Manual mode
mst Defrag can be fully controlled manually.

Key features

· multiple Clusterviews
· shading Clusters (Windows XP look)
· IOGuard (better control of IO usage)
· optional error testing (ChkDsk) before defragmentation
· Power Events (for Notebooks and Server USVs)
· System Tray Icon

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