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"Grant and manage Superuser rights."


Superuser for Android is part of the mandatory applications for owners of rooted smartphones, due to the ability of this application to provide excellent control over virtually all the newly gained functions. In case you are not familiar with the concept of rooting, it suffices to say that it implies hacking your smartphone in order to gain elevated permissions and the ability of loading and running customized ROM applications, applying personalized themes, boosting the performance of the Android mobile device, prolonging the accumulator’s life, etc.

The term rooting was derived from the Linux operating system and it was utilized in describing users with full access to the functions of the operating system. Superuser for Android makes rooted mobile devices a lot more manageable, but remember, folks, rooting smartphones voids the warranty!


As long as you are familiar with the basic concepts of rooting, you should have no trouble getting around Superuser’s interface. It is advisable to read more about rooting before putting it into practice, because improperly managing the procedure is a surefire way of bricking the Android smartphone for good. The interface of Superuser comprises of 3 tabs – Apps, Log and Settings – in which the main features of the application have been integrated.

In the Apps section of the interface, Superuser enables you to manage the permissions of individual applications that require root access in order to run properly. In other words, you can split the apps present on your phone into allowed and denied, based on their specific purpose. The decision of whether or not to enable a certain app’s root access can be modified from the same tab at a later time. Tracking your actions of allowing or declining the app’s root access can be viewed on the Logs section of the interface, the second tab after apps.

In the final tab – Settings – you can turn the notifications on/off, modify the way they are displayed and see what version of the application you are currently using in case you need to update it to the latest one. The interface of Superuser is clean and elegant, based on attractive black and grayscale tones combined with the occasional red/green icons that indicate the approved/declined apps.


You won’t need any other utility in managing the rooted Android-based mobile devices ever again, because Superuser integrates all the necessary functions. The fact that this application is free of charge but can substantially enhance the personalization capabilities of your smartphone, enable you to run various customizable ROMs or Kernels while keeping everything under control makes it an invaluable tool for owners of rooted Androids.


Except for the whole “rooting your Android voids the warranty” – which is not even an issue if your smartphones is already rooted – no significant issue was noted with the Superuser app.


At this point, the only similar rooting application for Android smartphones that is worth checking out is SuperSu, but there are numerous software utilities you will want to install after the mobile device has been rooted.


Frowned upon by some and praised by others, rooting constitutes an excellent way to take advantage of functions that were not active on your mobile phone by default. However, in order to safeguard your phone and make sure that you do not grant root access to the wrong program, you will need to install an effective management app like Superuser.

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