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"Supercopier acts as replacement for copy"


Windows copy/paste operation is more than enough if you’re the average user who doesn’t have the need to copy many files between several locations often, but there are users out there who do need to do that, and Windows doesn’t offer a function good enough for them. Fortunately though, replacements exist and do a pretty good job; one of them being Supercopier. Its features include transfer pause/resume, speed limit, error handling and others.


Launch the installer to begin the installation procedure. A window will come up and ask you to pick installation language. Then you’ll be prompted to choose the components you want to install: register Shell Extension, add start menu shortcuts and run Supercopier on Windows startup. A couple of steps afterwards the main installation process will begin and finish in only a few seconds.

Supported operating systems are Windows 2000, XP, Vista, 7 and 8. There are separate installers for 32 and 64-bit versions so make sure you get the right one for your system. If you don’t want to install the program, use the Portable version.


There’s no main user interface, apart from the dialog that appears when copying/moving files. There you can see the source and destination directory, as well as two progress bars (one for the overall process and one for the current file). A few buttons are located at the bottom, one of which (the “Unfold” button) expands the dialog box to display three tabs and their contents: the Copy list tab, the Error Log tab and the Options tab.

When Supercopier is running you can see its icon in the system tray, from where you can activate/deactivate it (either by right-clicking -> Activate/Deactivate or by double-clicking on the icon), create a new copy/move thread, cancel all current threads, open the configurations menu, view the About window or Exit the program.


Supercopier will replace Windows’ copy/move dialogs with its own, which have significantly more features than the original. One of them, perhaps the most important, is the pause/resume function. You can pause an operation at any time and resume it later without any impact on the files.

Moreover, you have the ability to control the order of the files that are going to be copied using the arrows in the Copy List tab. Once done with the order you can save the list and load it in the future.

All errors will be logged and displayed in the Error Log tab. Encountering an error though doesn’t mean that the operation will stop; instead, the program will ask you what action to take at the time. This means that you can skip the file that caused the error, retry copying/moving the file, move the file at the bottom of the copy list or cancel the whole operation. From the configurations menu you can set the program to perform a specific action instead of asking you what to do each time.

Solutions to file collision problems exist as well. When a file already exists you can cancel the operation, skip the current file, overwrite the existing file, overwrite the existing file only if it’s different, resume, rename the new file or rename the old file.

You can set a limit on the copy speed, although most times there’s no reason to do that.


There’s no boost in speed compared to Windows’ copy function. In fact, the program’s author has stated that Ultracopier (which was developed by the same author) is a better and more modern version of Supercopier.


As stated above, Ultracopier is a freeware that is better than Supercopier, mainly because it increases the speed in which copy/move functions are performed. Other than that, they have about the same features. Ultracopier is also more stable and has fewer bugs. Teracopy (free) is another substitute, equally good to Ultracopier.


Practically, there’s no reason to use Supercopier anymore since you can get its newer version (Ultracopier) for free. But for this review’s sake, it does a decent job and deserves a high rating.

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