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"Automatic health control for SSD drives"


A time where Hard Disk Drives have lots of little moving parts is coming to be a thing of the past. Now with the new SSD (Solid State Drives) we can feel a little more at ease when we accidently bump the computer case while it’s writing to a hard drive or when you experience some turbulence on an airplane while using your laptop. The newly developed and ever growing Solid State Drives are becoming more and more popular, but just because your hard drive might not have any moving parts in it doesn’t mean that it’s exempt from damage. In fact many Solid State Drives are often assumed to have even a shorter life span than a hard disk drive, though because of their short time on the market it’s still uncertain what their average life span is.

This is where an application like SSDLife Pro will prove to be very useful. SSDLife Pro monitors the use and the health of your Solid State Drive. Because a Solid State Drive has no moving parts you will no longer get indications of your drive going bad because of it getting louder or because of how it sounds. In fact the drive operates fairly different than a regular Hard Disk Drive and because of this, it’s important to find new ways to monitor your drive to avoid a catastrophic data lose.

SSDLife Pro even determines an estimated date that your drive will be good until. How? You might ask and that’s a fair question. A Solid State Drives life expectancy is based on the total size of the drive and how much read and write use it has. Because SSDLife Pro is often not installed at the time of the Solid State Drive you might wonder how it calculates a date based inaccurate data. To answer that SSDLife Pro actually calculates the data based on your average read/write use, because of this SSDLife Pro will most likely say your drive is at 100% on install. This is due to the fact it hasn’t had enough time to monitor your usage of the drive. According to the developers website you should expect more accurate readings of your drives health after a week or so of usage.


At only 4mb in size the installation for SSDLife Pro is quick and easy. With no adware listed in the install you can select the path to install the application and you’ll be running SSDLife Pro in no time.


The main menu is clean looking and well organized. At the top you’ll see a status of your drive and in the middle you’ll get basic information about your drive work time, powered on, trim, health, and estimated lifetime. There is also a S.M.A.R.T button which will bring an additional information window given more details on your drives usage.


  • Gives a reasonable estimation of your Solid State Drives life span
  • Uses little resources


  • None to be mentioned


There are plenty of tools to examine S.M.A.R.T for your hard drive, but SSDLife Pro is one of a kind making it the primary application to monitor the life-span of a Solid State Drive.

SSDReady is a similar software, while Intel Solid-State Drive Toolbox works for Intel SSDs only, while Samsung Magician works with Samsung SSDs only.


The $19.99 price tag may seem pricy considering that you probably spent a pretty penny on your Solid State Drive already, but if it’s the cost of being able to save your data before your drive goes to disk space heaven then it’s well spent. It’s difficult to say for sure how accurate SSDLife Pro is because of how new the technology is, but the mathematic used to calculate these dates are fair and come straight from what manufactures tell us about these new kinds of hard drives. Even if you don’t want to make the purchase, if you have a Solid State Drive it wouldn’t hurt to give the free trial a whirl for a few weeks and see how your drive is doing. Who knows, it may turn out your drive is in need of maintenance and you saved yourself a lot of pain by checking this app out.

Requirements: standard PC with SSD drive

What's new in this version: + Samsung 830 writen bytes statistics has been added. + Support for AData S596, Corsair Force,GT, Performance Pro. * Fixed support for MacBook Air. + If the disk does not report detailed information about the condition (wear), then we show the general state, good/bad by the general SMART status.

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