FileLocator Pro 9.0 Build 3304

FileLocator Pro 9.0 Build 3304

Reviewed by Andrew Black

"Helps you managing your information better."


When you see Pro in FileLocator Pro’s title you can trust that the developers at Mythicsoft are serious about making an application that certainly is a pro at finding files. FileLocator Pro offers an extensive searching ability that doesn’t just search for files by their file name, but also searches the content within the file. Whether you’re searching for an old cooking recipe that you only remember a few of the ingredients or looking for a piece of code that wrote years back in school. FileLocator Pro is an excellent tool that does an extensive search with a wide range of formats.

The user interface for FileLocator Pro allows for using DOS expressions, Boolean searches, exact word matches to search for files names and the contents within the file. There are plenty of additional functions that you can use to help narrow down your search as well like a “*” wildcard as well as Boolean searches like using “and, or, not” expressions. There is a whole slew of ways to help narrow down your searches by selecting certain formats to search within, selecting a range of dates, and even options to search for scripting files. If you’re looking for a robust file locating application and feel like all of this sounds too complicated for you, there’s also a check box that turns ‘Expert User’ on and off making the search field. You also have a search wizard that can help newcomers work through the process of searching for that particular file.

Although there is an expert and standard mode the application can still be a little difficult to use for some users. I found that in some cases even searching for a short string of text that I placed in a TXT file on my desktop could not be found due to a small configuration that caused the application to filter out some of the most basic searches. It may not be the perfect application for a standard user, but if you’re someone who works with massive amounts of files or has archived files from years back, FileLocator Pro is a deep and advanced file searching tool that is able to search for data like nothing you’ve seen in standard settings.


Installation for FileLocator Pro is a standard Windows installation with no configuration and no added advertised software. FileLocator Pro is available in 32bit and 64bit versions make sure that you download the correct version for your operating system as it will not work on the opposite architecture. FileLocator Pro is available on Windows XP/2003/Vista/2008/7/8 or higher.


There isn’t anything stylish about the user interface for FileLocator Pro. It has a very traditional Windows UI with a tool bar at the top, quick-link icons, and tabs below which show the options and functionality of the application. There is a check box on the top right said that says Expert User allowing you turn the advanced features on and off


  • Uses DOS expressions and Boolean searches to allow more creative ways to search
  • Loads of advanced options to narrow down searches


  • Can be a little daunting for first time users.


The file search function has been around for a long time and as a result there’s a plethora of file searching applications. To name a few notable applications, Agent Ransack is a tool that will index files for fast search results as well as search within the contents of the files. DocFetcher is another search program application that refers to itself as “Google for your local documents”.


If you’re looking for an advanced robust file searching tool FileLocator Pro is nearly as advanced as you get with file searching. With loads of search filters and expressions you can pin down even some of the hardest to find files. It may be a little much for the standard user looking for a simple and easy to use search engine, but with its standard mode and search wizard most users will quickly get the hang of its vast array of search functions.

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