Burn Rubber: File Search Accelerator 2.3.1

Burn Rubber: File Search Accelerator 2.3.1

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Published by eXibition Software on 3 Mar 2015

"Accelerates Your File Searching To New Speeds"

Do you ever find yourself searching for a file you know is on your hard drive somewhere? Or maybe you need to find a file on the network, and you don't know where it is? Tired using Windows file search and found it horribly slow? Well suffer no more! Burn Rubber: File Search Accelerator is here to make your file searching incredably fast. Search over 120,000 files in under two seconds! Features: * Lightning Fast Searches * In Depth Search - Allows you to search inside files! * Quickly Accessed By Pressing Windows Key + S * Proprietary Indexing Technology learns what's on your hard drive to give you better results * Free upgrades for life * World class service & support

What's new in this version: What's New In Burn Rubber: File Search Accelerator. . July 11th, 2005. . 2.3.0 - Indexing Engine Replacement. . * Replaced the indexing engine with the upcoming version 3.0 engine. to improve speed and reliability. . . January 16th, 2005. . 2.1.5 - Minor Bug Fixes. . * Fixed some errors that have been reported. . * Added additional code to help with debugging future. error reports. . December 1st, 2004. . 2.1.2 - Minor Bug Fixes. . * Fixed a problem with Burn Rubber appearing to freeze. while searching inside files. . * Made searching inside files faster. . November 30th, 2004. . 2.1.1 - Oops. . * Fixed an Ooops in 2.1.0. . November 30th, 2004. . 2.1.0 - More Search Tools. . * Below the file name field there are now 4 options for. how to search the file name. These should be helpful. . * Minor bug fixes to the way the program determines file. types. . . November 24th, 2004. . 2.0.0 - Large Font Support. . * This new version adds compatibility for most LCD screens. running in LARGE FONT mode. If you have display issues. on your large font display, please contact us. . . November 18th, 2004. . 1.9.5 - Few Improvements. . * Added a column to the results called File Type, that . is sortable. . November 17th, 2004. . 1.9.0 - New Features & Improvements. . * Improved the indexing speed by about 30% on the typical. machine. . * Improved the search results speed by about 5% on the. typical machine. . * Added a right click menu to the tray icon. . * Added a new exclude folders from search option under. the advanced tab. Now you can exclude folders you. don't want included in search results. . . November 15th, 2004. . 1.8.0 - Minor Fixes. . * Corrected all the tool tips to show the appropriate . tip when holding the mouse over something. . * Added support for pressing the enter key on the search. tab to automatically search, or the results tab to open. the selected files. . * Corrected a problem with pagefiles on raid drives causing. the indexer to hang. . . November 12th, 2004. . 1.7.5 - Even More Big Changes. . * Added options to delete files from the results list. . * Added options to rename files from the results list. . * Added options to open the properties screen for a file/folder. in the results list. . * Added the ability to drag results to a windows folder. and copy/move the file. . * Added new options to the top menu on the results screen. . * Added new right click menu to the results list. . * Updated the help files. . November 11th, 2004. . 1.5.0 - Big Changes. . * Added a new expanded results screen that allows you to view. results on your entire screen if desired. . * Added folders to the results, you can now enable or disable. folders in your results on the advanced tab. . * Added selectable drive indexing. You can now select which. drives are indexed regularly on the options tab. This allows. you to maintain indexes on Network shares you search often. . * Fixed the date and size sort on the results, they will now. be sorted correctly. . * Fixed a bug with the software not minimizing to the tray on. startup if that option is turned on. . * Removed initial indexing from the startup proceedure. You. can now fully start the software without having to have. your drives indexed. They will index in the background. . * Fixed a few other misc. bugs that had come in over time. . October 21st, 2004. . 1.0.1 - Minor Bug Fixes. . * Modified the initial drive indexing to index less information. this allows the program to load faster on the first install. and gather additional details in the background. . * Resolved issues on some computers where drives were not accessable. . * Resolved issues where files could be deleted by the system in the. middle of being indexed, causing an error to appear. . * Added the what's new window. . * Modified the folder search to index only the directory needed and. not the entire drive. . . October 19th, 2004. . 1.0.0 - New Release.

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