Jottacloud for Mac

Jottacloud for Mac

Reviewed by Pete Daniel

"Synchronize files between your computers."


Jottacloud is an interesting cloud storage alternative to the familiar ones like Google Drive, Dropbox and OneDrive because it is based out of Norway which has some of the strongest privacy laws. While the U.S. government can use their Patriot Act to force Google, Dropbox and Microsoft to reveal data stored on their off-shore cloud storage, they cannot do the same with Jottacloud over in Norway. That's the pitch from the company at least.

The company offers a desktop app for the Mac OS X and Windows platform, plus both Android and iOS mobile apps. These apps all synchronize with the data stored in the Jottacloud. 

Users receive 5 GB of free Norwegian storage, plus 10 GB more if they share their camera roll with the company. Interestingly, the consumer-focused accounts also offer an unlimited storage option for E7.50 per month which looks like a great deal. There are also business-focused accounts for employees.


Installation goes smoothly without any bundled software. The usual acceptance of the terms and conditions is required and then the software is installed for you.


The app is very nicely laid out with a left side menu that will slide out for you. Uploads can be allowed only when using Wi-Fi or when on Wi-Fi and cellular connections. When uploading, a count is kept at the bottom to give the user some idea how much more is needed to upload.

Different folders can be created and files added to them. Settings can be changed for different folders, people added to the folder to share the contents with them, and other features. For images uploaded either separately or via the camera roll upload facility these can be previewed easily and a count is kept for the user of the number of photos in the camera roll.


  • 5GB free cloud storage in Norway outside of USA Patriot Act influence
  • 10GB extra storage is camera roll upload is enabled on your phone
  • Read documents directly from the app
  • See pictures shown in the image viewer
  • Share files and folders easily
  • Sync files between iOS, Android, Mac and Windows apps
  • Strong privacy guarantee
  • Optional Unlimited data storage for low monthly cost


  • Local government can force a citizen to hand over passwords to their cloud access.
  • Norwegian courts can order the company to open its data stores.


There are few cloud services that can offer the kind of privacy guarantee that Jottacloud has. Plus the unlimited storage for a low monthly fee is tough to beat. For general cloud storage options, the list is as long as your arm.


JottaCloud offers something that few other cloud providers currently can; Country-specific strong privacy laws. On the back of this, cross-platform apps on the desktop and mobile, and an unlimited storage option, there is a lot to like about what JottaCloud is doing.

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