USB Secure 2.2.2

USB Secure 2.2.2

Reviewed by Pete Daniel

"Password protect your USB drives."


USB Secure is a USB security software program that can protect USB flash drives, USB hard drives, memory cards and other storage media from unintended data theft. The software runs with plug and play and will instantly react when a USB drive is plugged in. If the USB flash drive is secured, the software will request the password before allowing access to the plugged-in device.

This software will create a virtual drive and encrypt the data stored on the portable media. It can lock a USB drive or unlock it completely. It can also only unlock certain files and leave the rest fully protected. The file list can show what files are currently stored on a USB drive and indicate which are locked and those which are unlocked.

One click protection is provided to lock the drive up tight from a security standpoint. Protect data so that is cannot be accessed by a third party or a data thief.

The owner details can be added, which is unusual for a USB security application. The password, name, address, phone number, email and password can be stored.

AutoPlay can be enabled or disabled for a given USB device. USB Secure can optionally be shown as one option when the AutoPlay dialog window appears. A Master key can also be set.


During the installation process, the program requires that either a USB flash drive or USB hard drive are currently plugged in so that the software can complete its installation process correctly. Once this aspect has been handled, the installation is completed. No extra software was added.


The blue and white interface is simple and elegant. Large buttons with easy to read text make it simple to move through the application. Options for setting a password and repeating it to ensure it was typed correctly, changing the password, unlocking or locking certain files on the drive, and so on are all easy to perform. The interface will be easy for beginners to USB security and advanced users to work without difficulty.


  • Lock files up once they are stored on a USB flash drive or USB hard drive
  • See which files are stored on a USB flash drive or USB hard drive. View which ones are locked and unlocked.
  • Unlock all files or select to unlock only the ones needed to be accessed
  • AutoPlay option to run AutoPlay on a given USB drive, disable it, or offer USB Secure as one of the AutoPlay options


  • None.


USB Secure does a good job of making easy work of getting users comfortable with locking files on a USB flash drive or USB hard drive ready for portability with security in mind.

Requirements: Windows 11/Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/Vista/XP/Server 2008/Server2003

What's new in this version: This version resolves some issues related to USB Secure's compatibility with Windows 11.

Top user review

A worthless piece of junk....
by lucianus on 29 Sep 2015
Rating: (Bad) for version 2.0.3

About USB Secure (version 2.03) the manufacturer writes the following:

- "Fool proof without backdoors"
- "Multiple layers of security prevent criminals from accessing your receptive files and folders"
- "Patent pending protection methods ensures your data will remain secure under all circumstances"
- "New USB Secure update promises better protection from more sophisticated attacks"

Well, I can assure you that those are merely hollow phrases, because ANYONE - without being a specialist or sophisticated -can get access to those secured data, without using whatever decrypting tool, just by means of any data compression/extraction program (e.g. 7zip or WinRar):

- Open Windows Explorer and unhide hidden files and folders
- Select the USB flashdrive which has been 'secured' with USB Secure
- Right-click on the hidden folder and add it to an archive with the data compression software
- Save the archive ( or onto a different drive (e.g. your hard disk)
- Open the archive with the data compression software
- Double-click on the folder
- Double-click on the folder that starts with COM1
- Double-click on the folder that has an unreadable, gibberish name
- Voila, you will see the 'secured' files/folders and are able to extract (and open/read) them anywhere you like...

That makes this product a worthless piece of junk.
none at all
does NOT protect your data
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carlosbece on 31 Oct 2017
Hey lucianus, GREAT advice. I was able to crack with ease USB Secure too. I went a bit further and tried your procedure on USBSecurity and you know what, same conclusion: Worthless.

You save me from paying these rip-off companies. Thanks a bunch.

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