Cryptic Disk 5.3.2

Cryptic Disk 5.3.2

Reviewed by Pete Daniel

"Encryption of physical and virtual disks."


Cryptic Disk is a program to help create virtual encrypted disks. The software can also be used on a USB hard drive, internal hard drive, or memory cards by creating a safe, encrypted environment to store files and other important information on securely. Items stored in an encrypted environment or as part of a virtual encrypted disk using Cryptic Disk can be encrypted using some pretty strong encryption standards like Serpent, Blowfish, AES or CAST6.

The software lets the user mount either physical or virtual disks to gain access to them. Each mounted disk will be assigned a different drive letter so the user can keep track.

Steganography may also be used which is where a second, hidden disk can be placed inside a virtual drive in order to mask its true purpose.


The installation of Cryptic Disk starts with the setup page which includes the already opted-in choice to “Check the web for Updates.” The web check is executed next to ensure the latest version is being installed. Then there are two install options presented: Install or Extract.

The Install option can be used when installing to a desktop computer and wanting to use the application right away. The Extract option is for those times when you would like the actual setup files – not the install package – to copy them to a portable device to install the app directly without the need for internet access while you do so. As such, the app has made itself portable and user friendly at the same time. Nice.

9.9 MB is used for installation. A Start menu entry can be created. Also a desktop icon, which can be installed just for the current user or all users. It is unusual to be able to make such a distinction within an installer. Nice again.

The program then offers to launch if you want to start using it right away.


The interface itself is reminiscent of partition managers with large chunky buttons in the toolbar at the top. Several panes are shown artfully on the screen including Basic tasks around mounting files, Wizards, an Information pane, with Disks and Container panes displayed on the right side.

There is subtle use of color, nice shading, clear icons, and overall the interface is pleasing to look at and work with.


  • Create virtual disks on hard drives or dedicated secure encrypted spaces on USB hard drives or memory cards
  • Use one of the most powerful encryption algorithms like Serpent, Blowfish, AES or CAST6
  • Hide a hidden virtual disk inside a visible one
  • Mount virtual drives and have a drive letter assigned to each one
  • Drives do not indicate they are encrypted when viewed by others inside Windows


  • Complicated subject for many people. Difficult for amateurs to use any virtual disk software the first time they try it.


TrueCrypt is a free, open-source alternative to this software with similar features.


Cryptic Disk is a good package for anyone who wishes to take advantage of either virtual drive encryption or virtual containers. Virtual disks can be made invisible and encrypted using strong standards. The interface is also well done.

Requirements: 1 GHz CPU; 20 MB disk space; 256 MB of memory

What's new in this version: Added automatic analysis of password security strength when creating an encrypted file container, encrypting a physical disk volume and changing an existing password. Fixed issue with activating the drive mounting window after trying to mount a drive from Windows Explorer. Fixed creating of an encrypted file container on drives with NTFS file compression enabled (compression will be disabled for Cryptic Disk container files). Fixed detection of Windows language during setup and first app launch. The program will no longer inform users of expired technical support. Windows 11 support has been improved. Minor fixes and improvements.

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