Chromas 2.6.6

Chromas 2.6.6

Reviewed by Mihai Neacsu on 18 May 2023
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"Trace viewer for simple DNA sequencing."

Chromas is a user-friendly Windows software designed to serve as a trace viewer for uncomplicated DNA sequencing projects that do not involve the assembly of multiple sequences. Offering a comprehensive range of features, Chromas facilitates efficient analysis and manipulation of chromatogram files.

One of its primary functions is the ability to open .ab1 chromatogram files generated by Applied Biosystems DNA sequencers, ensuring seamless compatibility with the output of these devices. Additionally, Chromas supports the opening of SCF and ZTR format chromatogram files from various other sequencers or retrieved from databases.

With Chromas, users have the flexibility to save their work in either .scf or Applied Biosystems .ab1 formats, enabling easy data preservation and sharing. Furthermore, the software allows for the printing of chromatograms, offering options to zoom in or fit the content to a single page, ensuring optimal visual representation.

Chromas streamlines the analysis process by automatically eliminating low-quality sequences, provided that quality data is available, or vector sequences. This feature enhances the accuracy and reliability of the obtained results.

The software offers diverse export options, allowing users to extract sequences in plain text, FASTA, FASTQ, EMBL, GenBank, or GCG formats. Additionally, Chromas supports the formatting of sequences with base numbering for professional presentations. Moreover, users can effortlessly copy sequences to the clipboard in plain text, FASTA, or FASTQ format, facilitating seamless integration with other applications.

Chromas empowers researchers to explore their sequences further by providing the capability to reverse and complement the sequence and chromatogram. This functionality expands the scope of analysis and enables comprehensive investigation.

The software incorporates a powerful search feature that enables users to search for subsequences through exact matching or optimal alignment. This functionality facilitates efficient identification and analysis of specific genetic patterns.

To aid in the interpretation of sequences, Chromas displays translations in three frames alongside the primary sequence. This feature provides valuable insights into the potential protein-coding regions and enhances the understanding of the genetic information.

Users can conveniently copy selected sections of chromatograms as images for seamless integration into documents or presentations. This capability allows for effective communication of findings and results.

For users handling large quantities of data, Chromas offers a batch processing feature. This includes format conversion, sequence export with vector removal, batch printing, and batch export of raw data. This streamlined processing approach significantly improves efficiency and productivity.

Chromas is compatible with Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10, and 11, ensuring widespread accessibility to users across various Windows operating systems. The software has been meticulously developed and refined over time, with a version history that attests to its continuous improvement and reliability.

It is worth noting that Chromas is available as a free software, offering its extensive range of features at no cost to the user. However, for those seeking advanced enhancements, Chromas provides the option to utilize the PeakTrace RP component from Nucleics Pty Ltd. This component enhances peak readability and enables the extraction of high-quality bases. While registration for a free account is required to access this component, after utilizing the initial 40 free units, it becomes a paid service. Users can take advantage of an introductory discount by following the link conveniently located under the Options menu in Chromas.

For projects requiring the assembly of multiple overlapping sequence reads, Chromas recommends utilizing ChromasPro, a comprehensive solution tailored for such complex analyses.

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