Morpheus Photo Morpher 3.17

Morpheus Photo Morpher 3.17

Reviewed by Ruheen Kaur

"Morph photos and movies"


Morphing effect is a very fascinating technique that transforms one image to another via a seamless transition and this effect is used a lot these days in numerous movies, advertisements, music videos, and many more places. Morpheus Photo Morpher is a program with which you can get creative to make morphing effects on personal or other images while using your home computer. Morphed images can be saved in various formats like AVI, SWF, animated GIF or JPG and later these can be uploaded online to popular sites like Youtube, Facebook, MySpace, and PhotoBucket.


Morpheus Photo Morpher’s installation involves very basic steps and completes quickly. The setup wizard only asks you to select preferred location for setup to install and whether you want to use the software after installation is done. However, you need to be aware for the step where wizard offers you to accept an OpenCandy agreement that recommends other software for your system. It is suggested to ignore this agreement as it will show various softwares that might be of no use to you and it only consumes time. All Window versions support this software.


The graphical interface of software is instinctive, accessible and pleasant. On startup, the application shows a window to upload two images that you want to morph, followed by the steps required for morphing. The layout is pretty user-friendly as all sections are divided cleverly without making its look clumsy. The images-to-be-morphed are in the main panel on which you can apply or move dots and to its right side is the morphed result image to preview your work. The right panel also displays the elaborate steps for morphing. Main menu offers various features like adjusting Timeline, Morph effects, picture zoom in/out, tools (add/move/delete dots), and share (upload to website or send e-mail). Below Menu, two layers of toolbars are shown with the icons of same features as in menu options.


  • The step-by-step wizard is really useful as it helps anyone who is using morphing tool for the first time. Moreover, detailed tutorial and FAQs placed under Help option provide more assistance about its working
  • The Timeline is customizable as its traits are adjustable including Height, width, quality, file format, Render speed, Frames per second (for playback)
  • Process of applying dots to image is pretty simple and helps in creating top quality morphs
  • Zooming feature lets you perform precise placement of dots and is useful for large images
  • In order to create morphed images of your desire you can configure Frame rate elements like Frames in the morph, Length of the morph, Frame/time to hold for at start/end. Plus you can upgrade the look and feel of morph image by choosing the background color, using smooth pixels and removing triangles touching corners
  • You can preview the morph image in different profiles which are Play (plays the transition), Proof (to see close up of the transition), and Draft speed (various speeds for previewing)
  • The software enables you to upload your creative work on various websites, e-mail it to friends, or submit it to Animania! (Morpheus Development blog)
  • The morphed files can be rendered in various formats such as; Movie Files (Flash SWF, Animated GIF, compressed/uncompressed AVI); Picture Sequences (PNG, JPEG, TIFF, TGA, BMP, and more)


  • Moving and removing the dots is a bit strenuous as you need to bring focus on the small area of a dot and then perform the action on a single dot at one time
  • While using trial version, you need to be careful about the number of previews you see, since this version allows you to preview morphs only 20 times, after which you cannot preview them unless you buy the software


Abrosoft FantaMorph is an excellent alternative tool with which two images can be transformed into a video morph and sophisticated animation effects can also be created. Another enjoyable option is Morpheus Photo Warper, which is a warping tool that lets you distort pictures to exaggerate physical features. FaceMorpher is an amazing tool as well, which is automated to recognize the imported images or faces, and then auto-detects ways with which you can morph images.


Morpheus Photo Morpher is an easy-to-use application that gives you the power to morph images of your favorite celebrities, your own images or animal images, which later you can show off to your friends and family via different platforms. If you are a tech savvy person and have always been fascinated with morphing effects in movies, ads, and other videos, then this tool is worth buying and is definitely suitable for you.

Requirements: 500MHz or faster, 64M of RAM or more, 800x600 pixels or higher

What's new in this version: Complete redesign from the ground up!

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