Vista Codec Package 7.2.0

Vista Codec Package 7.2.0

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Longtime Windows users are very much aware of how difficult it is to find a codec pack that can fit perfectly with all types of multimedia and ensure that they are rendered exactly as they should. On a side note, for offline multimedia rendering, several applications that can play videos without the help of a codec bundle, such mPlayer or VLC, have been devised. However, when it comes to online browser streaming, the installation of a codec bundle, such as the Vista Codec Package, obviously for Windows Vista users, is the authoritative program.

Unlike similar codec packages that promise much and deliver little, the Vista Codec Package will render the need to install any other similar applications obsolete. Moreover, even though some perceive this aspect as a drawback, the Vista Codec Package is not a tributary, nor does it contain any specific player. In essence, this review considers the lack of an incorporated player as an obvious advantage due to the versatility in choosing any multimedia program that is appropriate for your hardware, or that you are familiar and happy with.        


As the name points out, this suite of codecs is designed specifically for Windows Vista users and is not appropriate for other types of operating system, with XP making an exception. Furthermore, since the package does not include a media player, you will also need to download and install one separately. However, bedding in the Vista Codec Package is an effortless chore and will be over before you know it. Selecting the destination for the Vista Codec Package is the only task at hand. Moreover, since the codec package does not contain other bundled programs, you will not even have to de-select applications that you do not want installed. In addition, you do not have to worry that you need to select the media file associations all over again, since the Vista Codec Package does not modify your current settings.  


There is no interface proprietary to the Vista Codec Package, as generally the settings and viewing the codecs that are employed by a certain multimedia player in order to render a video or sound file are embedded in it. However, the good news is that by default, the Vista Codec Package is set up perfectly, so tampering with the original settings is not only obsolete but also inadvisable. Rest assured that no matter what kind of video you are aiming to watch, whether it is DVD, .flv, .avi, .wmv or any other, the experience will be perfect.


Obviously, a codec package designed to accommodate the specifications of a particular operating system, such as the Vista Codec Package, ensures that its features and options are appropriate. Furthermore, the developers of the Vista Codec Package have taken into account all the existing codecs and have adapted and unified them into an extensive bundle, in order to serve each and every user’s purpose. The ability to operate without the aid of any specific player opens up a world of possibilities for tech savvies, who know that each multimedia rendering application has its ups and downs for specific types of files. At the same time, even average users that enjoy a certain browser can benefit from this feature, because, let’s face it, not everyone likes to use VLC or mPlayer all the time. Given that new players with enhanced rendering capabilities that work based on a codec system are developed every day, the Vista Codec Package can really come in handy for Vista enthusiasts.


One of the pros, the fact that this bundle is tailored particularly for Vista can also be seen as a drawback. In essence, given the superiority of Windows 7 versus Vista, it is unlikely that a whole lot of users will stick with the former for long. However, nobody is stopping you from using the Vista Codec Package as long as Windows Vista is your operating system, since this is the best choice in your case.


Other codec bundles that are not so specific include K-Lite Codec Package, Codec Pack All-In-1 and Nero AAC Codec.   


If you are using the Windows Vista operating system and you are searching for a codec bundle that can grant you versatility in choosing the media player you prefer, then downloading and installing the Vista Codec Package is an excellent choice.

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