Shazam Encore for iPhone/iPad 6.2.1

Shazam Encore for iPhone/iPad 6.2.1

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If you enjoy listening to music on your iPhone then it is very unlikely that you have not heard of the best song recognition application out there: the well-liked Shazam. With the launch of the paid version, Shazam Encore, many iPhone users are wondering if the app is worth the cash. Overall, the Encore brings quite a bunch of neat features into the picture and since it implies a single payment for a lifetime upgrade, we believe that it is worth it.


It is necessary to mention the fact that because Encore includes the some of the basic features of Shazam, it will not work differently from what you have accustomed with. Essentially, when you launch the app, you will immediately notice the Shazam icon on a blue background along with the classic “Click to Shazam” message.

Once you tap your iPhone’s screen, you will only have to wait a few moments before the app will display the name of the artist and the song you are currently listening to. In the eventuality that the lyrics of the tune are available online, then you can select the Lyric Play feature to visualize them. Simple and elegant, Shazam Encore incorporates all you ever wanted from a music recognition application.


Given the fact that Shazam is free music recognition app for iPhones, investing 6 bucks to acquire the paid version of the program may appear counterproductive. Should you do it? The short answer to this question is yes and here are just a few of the main reasons. First off, Encore entails a noticeable speed improvement in recognizing tunes, making it easier for users to tag the tracks they hear and learn more about their favorite music genre.

In addition, Encore allows iPhone users to search for new tracks in Spotify, receive suitable recommendations in Shazam Friends & Charts, find out the hot trends in the music scene, the tours of their preferred artists and share the tunes they like effortlessly on Facebook and Twitter. Last but not least important, the app will automatically enter car mode when you place it in the in-car dock and permit you to listen to your favorite music on the radio while driving.


While some users are not satisfied with the bug fixes in the newest Shazam Encore update, we are confident that the developers will address all issues soon.


The classic and free Shazam is the only application that can be described as a matching alternative to the Shazam Encore. However, take note that standard Shazam currently offer full support for the users who were already registered when the Encore came out. In other words, the new users will have some limitations, such as five tags per month for example. You can also try out SoundHound, Tunatic, AudioTag as further alternatives.


Before you disregard Shazam Encore due to its rather high price, keep in mind that it is a lifetime upgrade. To put it simply, for less than six dollars, you gain permanent and full access to all the information you will ever need from the music scene.

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