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Published by CloneAD on 1 Nov 2006
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    1 Nov 2006
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"rip.NET will allow you to rip all dvds."

Nearly all dvd movies disks are encrypted with CSS (Content Scrambling System) and your dvd movie will have locked sectors denying us access unless we go through a process known as authentication. Once that's out of the way we can then have access and get down to the job of actually decrypting the dvd.

I'd just like to start by saying I have now dropped '' and 'pgc.NET' because in themselves they are rather out-dated. You can now use rip.NET which will allow you to rip all dvds, even the latest ArCCos titles. claddvd.NET has been around for years, it worked as a fancy front-end to vstrip and work very well for many years. As time has went on and as protections have changed claddvd.NET has become less useful which is why I wrote pgc.NET to just deal with the program chains for AVI conversions as this worked well. I have now changed the third party program used in claddvd.NET and updated pgc.NET, amalgamated them and came up with a new ripper, rip.NET.

rip.NET looks very similar to pgc.NET and does, and works, the same way for program chain ripping though I've now added a 'FULL' button which will allow you to rip the full dvd to your chosen folder. claddvd.NET used vstrip for this, rip.NET now uses DVDFab Decrypter as this deals with the latest dvd protections. Just download the latest DVDFab Decrypter from the downloads page, install it, you can then delete the short-cuts to it or whatever as rip.NET will automatically call it when needed with all the correct settings which means you can leave rip.NET to control all of your dvd ripping needs. rip.NET is a .NET application and as such requires the .NET FRAMEWORK v2.0 to be installed.

If you intend to rip a dvd movie or video clip from a dvd for the purpose of converting, to avi for example, then you need a ripper that will rip in such a way that only the relevant PGC is ripped and processed. Do NOT use raw vob files for converting, you'll get unexpected results. You need to rip using a PGC ripper. This will allow you to select the exact, and relevant, program chain (PGC) and save/decrypt it to your hard drive as one nice big file ready for you to further process and/or convert to whatever format you so desire, this is what rip.NET's PGC ripping mode is used for, more on this below. If you intend to make a backup (copy) of the dvd then just put your dvd in the drive, click 'SCAN' so the dvd contents get displayed, select your destination folder (where you want the dvd ripped to) and click the 'FULL' button, rip.NET will automatically run DVDFab Decrypter which will then rip your dvd to your hard drive, that's it, dvd ripped, now just go to the 'DVD Backup' section of this website to see how to now write and/or encode this dvd back to a DVDR.

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