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"Gaming browser for the iPad"


iSwifter was a created solution to help support websites that use Flash or Java on iOS devices. It uses a remote connection to allow you to remote into servers that iSwifter has set up designed only for browser use. It’s able to work around the popular and non-supported Flash and Java on iOS devices. The application isn't technically allowing your iOS device to support Flash or Java so much as allowing you remote access to a computer that does. Currently at this point, it’s really your only option for playing those precious Java games or watching Flash videos other than on YouTube on your iOS device.

The app does offer a unique way to access websites that have content not supported by iOS, but it’s not without drawbacks and faults. The biggest drawback to iSwifter and most remote browser applications on iOS, is that it’s just a remote connection. Meaning that it’s relying not only on your own network connection, but that of the iSwifter computers connection. This causes for websites to load slower than they would on a device that supports them. It can work for the most part and it definitely is an option to access certain sites from your mobile device, just know that it won’t be nearly as smooth as it would be on a device that just supports Java and Flash.

The largest complaint that I have and according to countless reviews on the App Store, is that iSwifter gets a bit too greedy with its paid application. The app is posted as a free download on the App Store, but don’t let that deceive you. The free version only allows for a few minutes a day within the application. It costs $7.99 to unlock unlimited use in the browser, now you might think that’s not too bad to have the ability to play social flash games on an iPad, but that isn't where all the complaining comes from. The issue iSwifter has, is that it’s “Free” version comes across as a non-intrusive ad application, once you fork over the hard earned cash to buy the application, you’re swarmed with plenty of ads, including a large banner at the bottom that cannot be dismissed. It really feels like a slap in the face when you purchase the “Full” version of a app, only to be bombarded with ads.


iSwifter can be installed on iOS 5.0 or later devices through the App Store. iSwifter is free to download and costs $7.99 to unlock the full browser. Requires iOS 5.0 or later and works with iPads, iPhones, and iPod touch.


iSwifter uses Firefox browsers and should be easy for pretty much any user to adapt to the in-application browser.


  • Allows Flash and Java websites to be played on your iOS device
  • Has a free version


  • Browser experience can be slow and some web games can feel unplayable
  • Even with the full version, you still have large annoying ads on screen at all times.


Skyfire is another mobile app that allows you to open websites that require Flash or Java. It seems to receive better reviews on the AppStore than iSwifter, but it still uses the same resolution for supporting Java and Flash by allowing remote access to browsers located on Skyfire servers. The application is $2.99 and does not offer a free version.


iSwifter is something that could have been a great a app. iOS users have been screaming out for support for Flash and Java within the OS’s own system, but for now we’ll be limited to options like iSwifter. It’s not a terrible application, it’s just a shame that instead of shooting to be a top paid app it strives to pay the bills by bombarding you with annoying ad banners.

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