XCOM: Enemy Unknown for iOS 1.6.0

XCOM: Enemy Unknown for iOS 1.6.0

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"Strategy game for iOS devices!"


The developers at 2k port over their successful turn-based strategy game from consoles and PC to the Apple iPad, without having to sacrifice much in the process. XCOM: Enemy Unknown takes players into a world where extra-terrestrials have begun invading the world. You command a specialized task force called XCOM. From choosing what alien technology to research to commanding forces on the ground, you’ll need to carefully make each decision, as everything you do will have a hefty impact on the environment around you.

XCOM: Enemy Unknown does suffer from some minor graphical and control issues, but its tactical and challenging gameplay make this paramilitary sci-fi title one to remember. The iOS version of the game plays and looks nearly as well as it does on console versions, which is truly an impressive feat to say the least. New players who aren’t familiar with XCOM’s gameplay or similar turn-based strategy games will truly appreciate the in-depth tutorials that cover basic to advanced game mechanics in this strategic sci-fi title.

The way to fully experience XCOM: Enemy Unknown, at least the way it was meant to be experienced is to not rely on the save feature to avoid mistakes. Through-out your campaign, you’ll lose invaluable soldiers in the line of duty, decide to help one country while leaving another to its own peril, and avoid certain technologies to advance another. It’s all a part of the individual experience in XCOM. The game really shines when you allow the consequences of your own decisions. That said, if you really want to, you can save anytime and avoid certain disasters.

The game is fully loaded with a long campaign that randomizes missions and maps to keep each play-through fresh. It also supports multiplayer, which plays like an advanced game of chess. The only difference is, you’ll only know what your enemy is doing if they are within your sight. A recent update to the multiplayer has caused some issues with the iPad mini, but I would expect this not to be an issue with the iPad Mini Retina.


You can download XCOM: Enemy Unknown from the App Store for $19.99. It requires iOS 5.0 or later and runs on iPhone 4, iPad 2, iPad Mini and later models.


Being a newcomer to the game or even the genre can feel a bit overwhelming. The tutorials do well to help train you into quickly navigating through the plethora of menus and commands relatively quick.


  • Ability to customize soldiers, weaponry, technology, and even your own base leaves for lots of options.
  • Randomized missions and maps mixed with different decisions makes for a new experience each play through.
  • Tutorial does an excellent job at introducing new players to the series.
  • Engaging, challenging, and intense turn-based action.


  • Few graphical issues.
  • Touch screen controls can be difficult for some users to get the hang of quickly.


The original XCOM was a unique sci-fi strategy game that was released way back on PC. Players have been waiting for years for a new release like XCOM: Enemy Within and you’ll be hard pressed to find a good alternative even on consoles and PC.


It’s difficult to come across a game that forces players to rely on good decision making and true strategic thinking. The XCOM series has had a devoted following for a long time, even with the large gap in releases. Now that we finally have a current gen XCOM game to play, it’s comforting to see how well they stayed true to their roots. If you’re a fan of strategic, tactical, challenging, or sci-fi games this one should be sure to your liking.

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