Space Settlers 1.5

Space Settlers 1.5

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Reviewed by Andrew Black

"Free online Sci Fi RTS game for iPhone iPad"


Space Settlers is a sci-fi online multiplayer RTS game that offers a classic line-up of sprites from the 16bit era of gaming. The graphics for the most part are detailed and sharp looking, though the detail to combat graphics could improve to compete with more current games of its kind. As many games on the Appstore today Space Settlers relies on in-game purchases rather than the purchase of the entire game. From my time with the game it seemed fair from the amount of free resources you get, though being in a multiplayer environment you may feel the pressure to throw down some cash to catch up with the community around you.

The overall premise of the game is to take your legion of chariots to different planets and maneuver them around in classic RTS fashion destroying enemy vehicles and towers of defense. The real attraction of the game is that you can land on planets and team-up with friends to claim new planets and discover new resources. You can also share your resources with ease with friends, helping the game to build a more player driven economy.

With a complete multi-task upgrade and manufacturing system Space Settlers offers hours of upgrade paths to build your empire. The game does have its fair share of typos and other minor issues while playing the game. None of them really break the game, but shows some needed development, which the developers have been making consistent updates to the game. If you’re looking for a iOS knock-off of the popular Star Craft series you may run into some disappointment, but if enjoy different approaches to the RTS genre and have either some spare time or cash to develop your quest for dominance in a large galaxy


Download and installation are handled through the Appstore or iTunes. Space Settlers is available for all iOS devices that have iOS 4.4 or higher.


Space Settlers offers a fairly simple interface to maneuver through. The action consists of merely pointing and clicking on enemies to attack or on friendly targets to engage additional abilities. The bottom the screen shows stats and additional options for selected target, while the top of the screen is reserved for player names and objective statuses.


  • Manageable free to play features
  • Online Multiplayer
  • Detailed graphics


  • Some typo's with the dialoge
  • Minor bugs or glicthes that can cause a reset in progress


If you’re looking for something that hits the line more like the popular StarCraft RTS franchise I would suggest looking into Starfront: Collision HD by gamesloft. The game currently sports a $5 price tag, but will offer a bit more class RTS gameplay as well as give a full game experience without the need of in-app purchases.


Space Settlers defiantly is trying to strive to be different in the space RTS realm, but at times differences can cause extra development before hitting a triple A iOS title. The online multiplayer adds a lot of enjoyment to the game and it does a good job to keep players interested in developing their own space colony. The gameplay is simplistic and quick enough to make a great pocket game as well, making the time in the waiting room at the doctor’s office much more enjoyable.

Requirements: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. Requires iOS 4.3 or later

What's new in this version: Added two PVE maps and a brand-new game mode “Land of Challenge”, and increased the upper limit of building and tech level to 60.

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