Leo's Gun Defender (Android) 1.6

Leo's Gun Defender (Android) 1.6

Reviewed by Mihai Neacsu

"A 3D shoot em up for Android."


If you are looking for a fun and engaging app to help you pass the time while on the road, then you should try Leo’s Gun Defender. The idea behind the game is that you have to protect your castle against endless waves of flying aircrafts. Because the game incorporates several difficulty levels and the aircrafts become harder and harder to destroy with each stage, Leo’s Gun Defender is the perfect game for users who enjoyed the arcade games of the 90s.


The UI and the overall graphics of the app are 3D in nature and hence, you will need a powerful mobile device to actually enjoy the game. However, even though the details of the game are impressive, it is important to note that many users find the time and score display rather unattractive. Well, while nothing bad can be said about the background, explosions and the aircrafts, the large bright pink and blue used for displaying the time you have left and the score have no business being on the screen.


The opinions on Leo’s Gun Defend app are mixed between way too repetitive and completely addictive. This guide would like to underline the fact that if you own a high end mobile device, then you will be able to enjoy it. The game increases in difficulty with each stage and brings more and more aircrafts and bosses into the picture. On the other hand, if you never liked playing arcane games and you aren’t the biggest fan on 1st person shooters, then chances are you will not enjoy it.


In order to fully enjoy the gaming experience provided by this 3D shoot’em up, most users suggested activating the stereo sound on the smartphone. Essentially, as each action you will be taking in the game has a certain magnitude, you will find the stereo sound of your dives, bombs and killing streaks more rewarding.


It is free (with no ads), it is fun, its graphics are impressive and it delivers exactly what it promises. If you enjoy this shooting game, then do not forget to install its latest update, especially if you experienced some bugs when playing. In addition to resolving the empty name crash and game over bugs, the new patch introduces an additional control method, namely the Y axis inverted.


It is necessary to point out the fact that this little gaming app is designed for higher end smartphones with 3D capabilities. Therefore, it is possible that Leo’s Gun Defender does not work very well on older mobile devices.


Other similar applications include X Fleet Space Shooter, Deer Hunter, Shoot Master or Duck Hunter.


Are you ready to become the hero of your fortification and protect your castle from hordes of planes and other aircrafts that want to capture it? If so, download this fun and free shoot’em up application and prove your skills. Yes, you might think it is not stimulating enough if you are a brain whiz but hey, we all need such action-packed games once in a while!

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