Fruit Ninja Lite for iPhone 1.8.3

Fruit Ninja Lite for iPhone 1.8.3

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Reviewed by Chad Faith

"A juicy action game."


Who would have thought that a simple fruit slashing app for iPhone could generate a worldwide hype? Although simple as a concept – all you need to do is slash various fruits in half with a ninja sword – Ninja Fruit is a well-conceived gaming app with a lot of bonuses, achievements and combos that will keep you playing for hours. And did I mention that it is rather addictive?


Because it is a gaming app, anything less than a crisp and animated interface is simply not acceptable. And this is exactly what you get from Fruit Ninja Lite: a brightly, vividly and colorful display that makes each slash a truly satisfying experience. Moreover, depending on the type of fruit you cut through, it will always leave the appropriate splash and specific juices behind. However, the splash and juices fade out and do not impede you from landing a perfect swipe – or combo – as your next move or limit your visibility for bombs in any way.


Even though at times users found the game to be too repetitive – as you only have to cut through fruits while avoiding bombs – they could not simply stop playing. The strong point of Ninja Fruits is the super precision of the controls, which are actually more accurate than for any other iPhone games. It is necessary to mention that even in its free version, you can be certain that all your hits are recorded correctly. Therefore, you can create incredible and unexpected combos and earn sufficient points to unlock new weapons and sceneries.

And, that’s not all, as throughout your journey, you will be accompanied by a ninja Sensei who will teach you a lot of fun facts about fruits and award you when you prove you have what it takes to become a Fruit Ninja.


Ninja Fruits fans everywhere will be happy to learn that the new version came with a full classic mode, which does not lock at 125 points but allows you to play as much as you want and score as high as possible. The 1.74 version of the application also includes new fruit additions, a new combo, a quick link to mobile store and additional language support.


The main setback of Lite version of Fruit Ninja is that you will only be able to play in the classic mode. Simply put, you will not have access to the Zen mode (that takes the bombs out of the picture) and you will not be able to test your skills against other players in a multiplayer session. Nonetheless, you can always acquire the full version since it costs less than one dollar.


To be perfectly honest, the only alternative to Fruit Ninja Lite worth mentioning is the full version of the game. The Arcade mode and the multiplayer are too amazing to pass out on. Apps with similar gameplay include Fish Catcher, Fruit Slice or Camel’s Kitchen.


There is only one way to describe Fruit Ninja: 3 x fun! The amazing and appealing graphic, the entertaining gameplay and the easy and accurate controls recommend this app as a must-have game for your iPhone.

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