Dead Ahead for Android 1.1.1

Dead Ahead for Android 1.1.1

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"Car racing game for Android devices!"


Dead Ahead is a surprisingly addictive race against the zombies, and it comes from the creators of Cut the Rope and Parking Mania, so you must check it out. It is free, and it boasts of 4.4 rating on Google Play. Addictive, fun, retro racer will consume your spare time as you dive head over heels into this fun and easy, yet challenging game.

The storyline goes around the same old zombie theme so popular with gamers, so if you are a fan of the Walking Dead, this cartoon-ish bloody bike racer will capture your attention for quite a while. Experienced gamers will probably find it easy while those who do not play much may find this entertaining title quite a delight for the hours spent commuting to and from the office.


Chillingo does not require permissions which contradict common sense. For example, some games and apps request hardware controls permissions even though they do not need them to function. However, Chillingo does not belong to that category, and you will be giving the game some basic permissions to change contents of your SD card, access your Google Play billing information and some other minor permissions.

Overall, the installation is smooth and painless; the game loads without any freezes or crashes; the pack does not have any bundles.

Note: this game offers in-app purchases. Google Play displays that information right next to the game’s title. What this means for the gamer – if you have no patience or are too lazy to collect unlockables on your own, you can spend your dollars to buy some perks in the game. If you are a parent, and concern your kids may spend a fortune on golden coins and upgrades within the game, you can turn off in-app purchases, or simply disable WiFi while your kids use your device. Alternatively, you could buy a cheap tablet just for the kids to play, and never use your credit card information on that device. That way, kids won’t break the bank playing.

Dead Ahead is compatible with both iOS and Android, the latter requiring Android 2.3 and later.


Dead Ahead is a game, so we will be talking about graphics and performance. The visuals are cartoon-ish and fun to look at so I would rate this game as mild to moderate in terms of violence.

The zombies are green, and they squash into red puddles as you hit them with your motorbike or shoot them. You can also make them run into obstacles. Either way, the amount of blood is not overwhelming, and it does not shift focus from the racing part.

The controls are quite simple to grasp, and you will be guided on how to use them at the very beginning of the game. You can move along the road, accelerate, jump and shoot.

The music is inconspicuous, and there aren't any disgusting sounds as you kill the zombies.

At the end of each level, you will be offered to upgrade your gear or choose a different scene to drive. You will be able to collect coins for killing zombies, and at some point these upgrades unlock for you, so there is no need to use in-app purchases to beat the game, which is quite fair.


  • Motorbike runner, action-packed and blood stained
  • Fun cartoon-ish visuals and a fine sense of humor
  • Many unlockables and upgadables in weapons and bikes
  • You will rank higher as you complete missions
  • You get to have your own progress banner, fully customizable
  • You can share your progress with your Facebook friends and compete against them


The game is free and extremely addictive; it is fun, but not scary. It has blood, but it may not be rated as violent per se. Chillingo is renowned for many fine addictive titles for iOS and Android, so you will be able to fully enjoy this humorous zombie runner.

In-app purchases are not annoying and obnoxious, as in some cases with free games. There are no ads; the game runs smoothly – we did not experience any crashes or freezes so far. Also, it does not exhaust your device’s battery too quickly.


Only if you dislike zombies will you be able to skip this title.


Plants vs Zombies, Dead Trigger 1 & 2, Ragdoll Zombie Shooter and an entire legion of zombie games. Among other Chillingo titles are the world renowned Cut the rope, Catapult King, Race Illegal, Anomaly Warzone Earth, Tiny Troopers, Hot Wheels World's Best Driver and many more.


Dead Ahead is a fine zombie extermination runner game, filled with humor and thrill sufficient to keep you entertained for quite a while. According to user reviews on Google Play, the game is addictive enough to keep you coming back for more even if you made it to the devil level. Gamers are asking for more levels and more challenges, so we certainly recommend this little fast-paced runner.

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