Intellexer Summarizer 5.0

Intellexer Summarizer 5.0

Reviewed by Dan Vlasic

"Creates short summaries of documents/webpages"


Intellexer Summarizer creates a short summary of any document or a web page. The potential of this smart tool is unique. Instead of spending hours reading through heaps of literature trying to estimate if it is relevant to your research, use Intellexer Summarizer. The program will provide a quick overview of the input document or web page and a list of keywords. Then you can decide whether you need to read it in full.

The program works fast, so within five minutes you will have the entire research list analyzed and summarized for you. It is perfect for students, teachers, researchers, scientists, as well as copywriters, writers, SEO specialists.

The trial version is fully functional. We strongly recommend you give it a try.


Minimum System Requirements are as follows: MS Windows XP/Vista/Windows 7, Pentium IV 1600 MHz, RAM 1GB, HDD at least 35 MB free disk space. Installation is rather simple - all you have to do is choose between complete installation and custom where you can choose which elements you would like to install, and which to omit. If you choose the web browser integration, you will be able to see summaries of your web pages, a very nifty feature. Other elements include MS Word and Outlook integration.


The interface is sleek and streamlined. Graphic performance is excellent - there is nothing that would distract from the task at hand while finding features and options is easy. Overall, working with this program’s interface is a pleasure, so you are up and running the moment you installed it. There are several ways you can customize the looks - skins and summary window colors. The main window is divided into several sections - main menus (summary, concepts, history, view), concept tree and summary. The latter opens in tabs, so you can have multiple summaries open simultaneously which is very convenient. There are options to customize summarization process to match your requirements. You can adjust summary size; there are presets for summary type, such as general, scientific, patent, politics. Concept tree deserves a praise - it shows the most significant terms. We call them keywords; Intellexer Summarizer calls them concepts, but the output does not change. Concept tree provides more convenience to analyzing the document’s contents. The History pane stores analyzed summaries you can reuse at a later time.


  • Intellexer Summarizer creates precise, concise and informative summaries of whatever input text you give it: text files, web pages, PDF files.
  • It works fast.
  • GUI is sleek and intuitive.
  • It is a huge time saver and makes research a lot simpler.
  • High quality of output summary.


  • It supports English only, so we will have to wait for more supported languages.
  • You need to have IFilter to be able to work with PDF in Intellexer Summarizer, which is not a Con per se, rather an additional requirement. Adobe Acrobat 7.0.5 has that filter. If you have an older version, just download IFilter from Adobe website.
  • The program only recognizes ISO-8859-1 (Latin 1) and UTF-8 encodings, so you will have to save your files in those respective encodings to be able to summarize them.


Copernic Summarizer is a known competitor. You can read the full review to get a better idea of its performance.


Intellexer Summarizer is especially valuable when you have to deal with large loads of information. Sometimes, research is like looking for a needle in the hay. You have a dozen of references, and you need to go through all to evaluate how relevant they are to your research. Intellexer Summarizer does the hardest part for you. It analyzes the text and gives you a concise summary, so you can efficiently manage your research time and effort. You can customize how detailed or concise your output summaries need to be. Intellexer Summarizer offers plenty of customization options. The program offers an impressive plethora of features, with concept tree and web page summary being the coolest. In no time, you will grasp the idea of huge scientific works without breaking a sweat. It is fast; it works like a charm, and it would be safe to say that it is worth the money.

Requirements: Pentium IV 1600 MHz or better, 1024 RAM

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