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Reviewed by Andrew Black

"Clean, optimize, and maintain your Mac."


Feel like you’re running out of disk space on your Mac OS X system and you’re not even sure what’s taken it all up? CleanMyMac is a powerful disk space cleanup utility that will evaluate the entire content of your volume and then determine what data is safe to remove. CleanMyMac checks for User Cache Files, System Cache Files, User Log Files, System Log Files, Trash Bin, and Language Files so you don’t have to worry that the application will remove any of your personal or important application data.

Once you have performed your first scan CleanMyMac will break down what areas you have unneeded data, which you will have the option to choose which areas will be clean if your wanting to keep certain data like System Log Files. On top of its automated cleaning tool you can also manage and uninstall applications and extensions. It will even break down some unknown application types into either a Leftovers or Unsupported category. Another great security feature CleanMyMac has is its Eraser tool. The Eraser tool does a thorough wipe of data without leaving any traces of it on the drive. This is great for sensitive data as simply deleting data can easily be restored now days.

If you’re in the market for a tool that will do all your dirty disk cleanup for you, CleanMyMac is an excellent and remarkably clean easy to use application. Even if you have a recently new OS X system you may be surprised at how much unneeded data is already on it. I tested CleanMyMac on a 2 day old system and it found nearly a GB of data. Granted much of that was due to the hundreds of added languages that are included with OS X.


Installation is standard for OS X. Download the installation file and drag the icon into the install folder. CleanMyMac has a free trial that allows you to free up to 500MB of data, so if you’re planning to use the trial I suggest you uncheck the trash bin so that it doesn’t use up your 500MB limit. CleanMyMac is available on iOS and OS X systems


The interface like many OS X applications is simply beautiful to look at. It has very a high quality picture and is extremely organized and easy to use. The interface is done so well that you think that it’s a core Mac OS X application.


  • Has a single easy to use clean and erase button that will do all the hard clean up work for you
  • Well organized and wonderfully designed
  • Options for thorough data wipe, iPhoto cleanup, application & extension removal.


  • Most of the data and applications are easy to remove without the application making the $39.95 price tag a bit steep.


There are several disk cleanup utilities on the Appstore and that are available for OS X. CleanMyDisk and FreeSpace are both good disk cleanup tools. Mac OS X also does a fairly good job of keeping itself clean without any disk cleaner applications.


CleanMyMac is a great looking tool that is easy to use and offers a lot of options for cleaning up disk space. Although everything that CleanMyMac cleans is fairly easy to remove yourself with just a bit more effort, but if you’re not interested in keeping up with disk cleanup CleanMyMac is a good option. The free trial is just what it sounds like, a trial and it’s a trial that will come to a pretty quick end most likely as your first cleanup is bound to find more than 500MB of space. If you’re in the market for a good easy to use disk cleanup tool and will be ok with the $39.95 price tag I would definitely try out CleanMyMac.

Requirements: Mac OS X 10.10 or later

What's new in this version: 1) New Malware Removal module checks your system for vulnerabilities and removes malicious files; 2) Smart Scan now includes Cleanup, Protection and Speedup scanners; 3) Updater tool deilvers the latest available versions for your installed apps; 4) Assistant suggests further optimizations.

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