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Published by Axel Blume on 11 May 2013
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    11 May 2013
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"Autolens is a reading help"

Autolens for Windows XP or Wndows 7 needs .NET Framework 3.5 or newer

Autolens is a reading help
After start of Autolens you see a window that contains a screenshot 2:1
That window can be resized and moved around the screen. The picture inside the window can be moved by dragging and dropping or with certain keys.
In the taskbar you see the symbol of a lens. Click on it to show or hide Autolens (as it works with other programs).

To get a new screenshot double click on the picture or click on "New screenshot".
Check "Autohiding" to exclude the present window.

In Windows XP you can click on the taskbar after minimizing Autolens as well for the same effect.

If you want the present screenshot included in the new screenshot use the menu item "New screenshot" without "Autohiding". This way you can have unlimited magnifying.

Get familiar with the handling before using the fullscreen mode. Fullscreen is usefull for presentations e.g. Just check "Fullscreen".
Pressing "ESC" or unchecking "Fullscreen" ends the fullscreen mode.

Checking "Stay on Top" prevents Autolens from disappearing behind other windows.

Uncheck "Show hints" if you don't need the reminder.

Clicking on "Info" or pressing "F1" shows this window.

"Exit"ends the program.

The popup menu you get with a right click (left for lefthanders - pressing long on touchscreens) .

"BACK" brings up the menu as well

"ESC" ends the fullscreen mode
or minimizes when in normal mode

"HOME" shows the upper left corner
"END" shows the bottom right corner
"PUP" moves the picture to the upper edge
"PDOWN" moves it to include the bottom edge
The arrow keys move it by steps depending on the window size

The program is optimized for tablets.
You don't need a mouse or a keyboard to use it.
Instead of "ESC" use the menu to escape from fullscreen.

When the orientation changes from (landscape to portrait e.g.) the program restarts automatically in order to work correctly.

Requirements: .NET Framework 3.5 or newer

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