Adobe Photoshop Elements 2020.1

Adobe Photoshop Elements 2020.1

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"Combines power and simplicity."


The Adobe Photoshop collection is by far the most renowned and professional series of image editing software available. Photoshop Elements 10.0 provides a less expensive, less complicated version of the software to amateur and intermediate graphic designers, photographers, and hobbyists, while still offering many of the features that a professional would use. Adobe Photoshop Elements 10.0 provides simplified functionality at a reduced price for those that are not yet willing to commit to the original Photoshop.


If you've ever used Photoshop, the first thing you'll notice about Elements 10.0 is that it is extremely similar to its predecessor in Full Edit mode. The software provides several options for organizing your digital workstation, allowing you to conveniently drag-and-drop menu items and tools to ideal locations for maximum ease-of-use. The aesthetically appealing layout of the software provides a workstation that can effectively stimulate and facilitate creativity.


  • The organizer allows you to catalog, organize, tag, and stack photos neatly into albums, thereby streamlining the workflow of your projects.

  • In Quick Edit mode you can quickly apply manual or "auto smart" fixes to various aspects of images, including color, lighting, white balance, and sharpness.

  • You can also easily crop photos, and there are a plethora of interesting effects that can completely change the mood of your photography.

  • Provides nearly 90% of the functionality included with the original Photoshop, as well as new unique user-friendly features, while only being about 10% of the cost.


  • A few of the more advanced features of Photoshop have been removed from the Elements edition, however there are also a plethora of "quick fix" tools/effects that have been added.

  • May require a significant learning curve for individuals that are not familiar with Photoshop.

What's New in Version 10.0?

The most notable improvements in this edition of Adobe Photoshop Elements can be seen in the editor and organizer modules. New visual search tools that utilize revolutionary image analysis have been integrated into the organizer feature, allowing you to search for specific images based on keywords that are automatically generated by the software. Whereas in previous versions you would have to designate your own keywords/tags for each photo, the new visual search feature analyzes the image and assigns keywords based on preprogrammed patterns that recognize objects within the photos.

You can also import your Facebook friends list so the software can begin recognizing people in your photos and tagging them automatically. Uploading videos directly to YouTube is now easier than ever, as this can be done from directly within the organizer. The Elements editor now has 30 more Smart brush effects, 3 new Guided Edit effects, and new overlay options for the cropping tool. All of these additions and more make Adobe Photoshop Elements 10.0 the latest and greatest version.


Although there are some notable alternatives, like GIMPIrfanViewPhotoScape, and Adobe Fireworks, none of them provide the type of functionality that Photoshop Elements 10.0 offers within a similar user-friendly interface.


This software is an ideal introductory tool for individuals that would like to begin learning how to use Photoshop without making significant investment. While there are some Photoshop features that are completely missing in the Elements edition, many of these are only utilized by more advanced users, and it is possible to use some of the new Elements features as alternatives (i.e. – the Elements Organizer can substitute the functionality of Photoshop Lightroom).

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